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Link’s Awakening: Where to Find Every Secret Seashell

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There are 50 Secret Seashells in Link’s Awakening—and all of them are hidden pretty well! If you want the best rewards from the Seashell Mansion, you’ll need to collect as many as possible. Get ready for an epic treasure hunt.

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    What Are Secret Seashells For?

    Link standing next to the warp point near seashell mansion.

    The point of collecting Secret Seashells in Link’s Awakening is to get rewards from the Seashell Mansion in the east part of Ukuku Prairie. However, the last of these is arguably not worth the effort. Although, if you’re a completionist, the collecting aspect is a reward in and of itself.

    Here’s a breakdown of the rewards you’ll get and how many Secret Seashells you’ll need for each:

    • 5 Secret Seashells – 1 Heart Piece
    • 15 Secret Seashells – The Seashell Sensor
    • 30 Secret Seashells – 1 Chamber Stone
    • 40 Secret Seashells – The Koholint Sword
    • 50 Secret Seashells – 1 Chamber Stone

    Every Secret Seashell’s Location on the Map

    All 50 Secret Seashells' position on the map of Koholint Island.

    Each Secret Seashell is hidden in a different way. This will make collecting every single one tricky and time-consuming. However, the rewards are worth it both for casual players and completionists alike. You’ll need to scour Koholint Island and use some counterintuitive puzzle-solving skills if you want all 50 of them.

    Although you can come across the spots where Secret Seashells are found very often in your playthrough, you’ll definitely need to backtrack to previous areas to get them all. As such, the exact location of each Secret Seashell will be listed by area for simplicity.

    Mabe Village’s Secret Seashells (6)

    Mabe Village on the map with all buildings named.

    There are 6 Secret Seashells in Mabe Village. Most can be acquired from Trendy Game and the Fishing pond, however, a couple will require you to do some landscaping.

    Trendy Game’s Secret Seashells

    You’ll need to force the 2 Secret Seashells to spawn by doing a little trick. Since the Secret Seashells will only spawn in place of Figures, you’ll need to make sure that a new Figure doesn’t spawn and occupy that space.

    This is pretty easy to do. All you need to do is win a Figure from Trendy Game, leave the building, and then go back inside immediately. Trendy Game will not spawn a new Figure if you already have one in your inventory as you can only carry one at a time.

    Therefore, the first few times you do this, you’ll force the spawn of Secret Seashells and Heart Pieces respectively. If Secret Seashells (or Heart Pieces) don’t spawn, just win another Figure and then try this trick again!

    The Secret Seashell in the Field North of Trendy Game

    Just north of Trendy Game, there is a field of tall grass. If you cut the grass in the northeast quadrant of the field, you’ll find a Secret Seashell. Furthermore, cutting the grass here is a great way to get some easy Rupees and other drops.

    The Fishing Pond’s Secret Seashells

    You can get 2 Secret Seashells from the Fishing Pond. You’ll get 1 the first time you catch a Cheep Cheep and another the first time you catch a Blooper. However, these fish will only spawn in the Fishing Pond midway through the game.

    As such, you’ll need to clear a few dungeons before either Cheep Cheeps or Bloopers will spawn. By the time you complete Level 4 – Angler’s Tunnel, all kinds of fish can appear in Mabe Village’s Fishing Pond.

    The Secret Seashell in Madam MeowMeow’s House (Chain Chomp House)

    Lastly, there is a Secret Seashell in the house full of friendly Chain Chomps. Specifically, you’ll need to enter CiaoCiao’s section of the house to find it. In the room with the little Chain Chomp who loves fashion, you can dig up the Secret Seashell.

    This will require you to use the Shovel—which you can buy for 200 Rupees from the Town Tool shop. The Secret Seashell can be dug up from the dirt tile in the southeast corner of CiaoCiao’s room.

    Toronbo Shores’ Secret Seashells (3)

    A view of Toronbo Shores from the map with the square and yellow cursor over a hidden cave entrance.

    You’ll be able to get 3 Secret Seashells from Toronbo Shores. However, you’ll need the Shovel to get 2 of them and the Pegasus Boots to obtain last.

    Secret Seashell #1

    Just north of the westernmost set of stairs, there is a Secret Seashell hidden in the sand. You’ll have to chop the shrubs down with your Sword and then dig up the area just west of the 2 vertically-aligned trees to find it.

    Secret Seashell #2

    On the east side of the beach, the next Secret Seashell is located close to the area with the log bench flanked by 2 trees. Between the westernmost of these trees and the rocky wall, you can dig up this Secret Seashell from the sand.

    Secret Seashell #3

    West of the entrance to Level 1 – Tail Cave, you’ll find a tree standing by itself in a clearing. You’ll need to run full-speed into this tree by dashing with the Pegasus Boots. This will cause the Secret Seashell to fall out of the tree.

    Mysterious Forest’s Secret Seashells (4)

    A view of the map of the mysterious forest showing the player's position near the entrance.

    Here’s a location with 4 Secret Seashells. To get them all, you’ll need the Shovel as well as the Power Bracelet from Level 2 – Bottle Grotto.

    Secret Seashell #1

    There is a chest located in the south of the forest. It is behind a rock, which you can lift after you get the Power Bracelet. Defeat the Green Zols here and loot the chest to get a Secret Seashell.

    Secret Seashell #2

    In the center of the Mysterious Forest, you’ll find a ring of blue flowers. If you dig up the space between the flowers with your Shovel, you’ll uncover the next Secret Seashell.

    Secret Seashell #3

    Just south of the northwest exit from these spooky woods, you’ll find another Secret Seashell. You’ll need to dig up the ground slightly east of the westernmost trees to find it.

    Secret Seashell #4

    Although this one is not found inside the Mysterious Forest, it is located just north of it. This is in a stretch of no man’s land between the Mysterious Forest and the Tal Tal Mountain Range. Northeast of the Telephone Booth north of the Mysterious Forest, you can lift up a rock to find a Secret Seashell.

    Ukuku Prairie’s Secret Seashells (8)

    Link standing in front of a cave entrance in a grassy field.

    There are 8 Secret Seashells that you can uncover in Ukuku Prairie. You’ll need to use some tricks mentioned before to get them all, however, you’ll also need to traverse some sub-areas.

    Secret Seashell #1

    Southeast of the Telephone Booth on the far west of Ukuku Prairie, there is a tree standing somewhat by itself. If you run into this tree at full speed while dashing with the Pegasus Boots, you’ll knock a Secret Seashell out of it.

    Secret Seashell #2

    On the raised area north of the entrance to Level 3 – Key Cavern, you’ll spot a strange formation of grass. In between these tufts of grass, there is a blank patch of dirt. By digging up this patch of dirt, you’ll find another Secret Seashell.

    Secret Seashell #3

    There are a few small sandy islands in the water east of the entrance to Level 3 – Key Cavern. On the northernmost of these little sandbars, you can cut down the lone shrub for one more Secret Seashell.

    Secret Seashell #4

    Towards the center of Ukuku Prairie, there is a giant skull blocking your way to a raised area. You’ll need to blow up this skull with a Bomb to get by. However, in the ground beneath this skull, there is a Secret Seashell. Equip your Shovel and then dig up the area to get it.

    Secret Seashell #5

    At the southeastern point of Ukuku Prairie, just north of Martha’s Bay, there is a pseudo maze of immovable stones. However, in its southeastern corner, there is a regular rock. By lifting this regular rock, you’ll find a Secret Seashell.

    Secret Seashell #6

    In the cave just west of the immovable stone pseudo maze, you’ll be able to ascend to the raised area above. This area has an owl statue in the north part. A tad southwest of this statue lies a Secret Seashell that you can get by digging up the ground with your Shovel.

    Secret Seashell #7

    To find the next Secret Seashell, you’ll have to walk to the bridge leading north to Kanalet Castle. From the south of the bridge, head west and you’ll find a series of holes with a staircase and a tree stump on the far side.

    In order to reach this staircase, you’ll need the Hookshot from Level 6 – Face Shrine to latch onto the tree stump and pull yourself over to the far side. Once you do, head down the staircase to find a small room with a chest. Within this chest will be a Secret Seashell.

    Secret Seashell #8

    The last Secret Seashell you can find in Ukuku Prairie is the one located just east of the Seashell Mansion in the far east of the area. You’ll need to cut down the shrubs at the eastern corner of this spot to find the Secret Seashell.

    Pothole Field’s Secret Seashell (1)

    Link fighting a green gel under richard's villa.

    There is a Secret Seashell in the cave under Richard’s Villa in Pothole Field. To gain access to this area, you’ll first need to gather all 5 Golden Leaves from Kanalet Castle before returning to Richard to complete the quest.

    In the west part of this cave, there is a rock that you can push into a hole north of it. Doing so will let you jump across this hole to reach the chest containing the Secret Seashell.

    Koholint Prairie’s Secret Seashell (1)

    Link climbing a ladder with a rock at the top with the Pink Ghost behind him.

    In the southwest of Koholint Prairie, you’ll find a set of stairs leading to a mostly-grassless area. There is a formation of grass tufts around a bare patch of dirt. Dig up the bare patch of dirt to find a Secret Seashell.

    Tabahl Wasteland’s Secret Seashell (1)

    Link finding a Secret Seashell in the Tabahl Wasteland by digging up the ground.

    In the northeast part of the Tabahl Wasteland, you can use your Shovel to dig up a Secret Seashell. This one can be a bit tricky to find since there are no obvious markers to show its exact location. However, it is under the fifth dirt tile south of this area’s very northeast corner.

    Dampé’s Shack’s Secret Seashells (2)

    Link talking to Dampé.

    To get the Secret Seashell from Dampé, you’ll need to complete the fourth dungeon arranging challenge. This one is called “Fill Up Your Hearts.” As a reward for completing it, you’ll get both a Secret Seashell as well as a Heart Piece.

    The Secret Seashell West of Dampé’s Shack

    Outside of Dampé’s Shack, there is another Secret Seashell nearby. Head a bit west until you find 3 rocks by a sign in an area with some Moblins. The eastmost of these rocks has a Secret Seashell underneath it. In order to get it, you’ll need to lift up this rock.

    Martha’s Bay’s Secret Seashells (4)

    Link and the Pink Ghost walking towards the Pink Ghost's house in Martha's Bay.

    In Martha’s Bay, you’ll be able to get 4 Secret Seashells. Thankfully, all of them are pretty easy to find and obtain.

    Secret Seashell #1

    When you go into the decrepit house with the purple roof, you’ll be able to find a Secret Seashell under the pots in the southeast corner.

    Secret Seashell #2

    The next one is on a small island south of the Telephone Booth in Martha’s Bay. You’ll need to descend the stairs and then swim to the island. Cut down the shrub on this tiny spit of land to get the Secret Seashell.

    Secret Seashell #3

    To the southeast of the Telephone Booth, there is a cluster of shrubs. Cut them down and you’ll find another Secret Seashell.

    Secret Seashell #4

    For the last Secret Seashell in this area, you’ll need to loop around to the eastern side of Martha’s Bay. The fastest way to get here is from Animal Village. In the south of the bay, you’ll find an island connected to the mainland by a wooden bridge. On this island is an owl statue. Simply dig up the ground just west of the owl statue to uncover the Secret Seashell here.

    Animal Village’s Secret Seashells (2)

    The map showing that Link is inside the northeast house of Animal Village.

    Although both of the Secret Seashells here are easy to get, they’ll only be available late in your playthrough.

    Secret Seashell #1

    Firstly, after you deliver the Goat’s Letter to Mr. Write, you’ll need to return to Christine the goat and speak to her. She’ll be very happy that you’ve delivered her letter and will reward you with a Secret Seashell.

    Secret Seashell #2

    In the house east of Christine’s abode, you’ll find the other Secret Seashell. However, you’ll need the Magnifying Lens to see the normally invisible inhabitant. The Zora that lives here will give you a Secret Seashell if you talk to them while they are visible.

    Yarna Desert’s Secret Seashells (3)

    Link digging up a secret seashell in the northeast of Yarna Desert while near an owl statue and surrounded by cactuses.

    Out of the 3 Secret Seashells here, 2 can be obtained by normal means. However, the other will require some out-of-the-box thinking.

    Secret Seashell #1

    In the small stretch of land where the walrus was once sleeping, you can play the Ballad of the Wind Fish on your Ocarina to make the aquatic mammal reappear. Afterward, the walrus will give you a Secret Seashell before swimming back into the depths.

    Secret Seashell #2

    In the northeast corner of Yarna Desert, you’ll find an owl statue. If you walk a few tiles south of the statue, you can dig up a Secret Seashell from the patch of sand that is mostly surrounded by cacti.

    Secret Seashell #3

    Head to the west side of Yarna Desert and then go south along a thin dirt path. This will bring you to a raised area with some shrubs and a lone rock. When you lift up the rock, you’ll find the last Secret Seashell in this area.

    Ancient Ruins’ Secret Seashells (2)

    Link finding a hidden staircase after moving an Armos statue in the middle of the Ancient Ruins.

    In addition to the Secret Seashell hidden in the true ruins of the Ancient Ruins, there is another a bit further north. The latter will require you to do a bit of landscaping.

    Secret Seashell #1

    In the center of the Ancient Ruins, there is a section that can only be reached by traveling south and then turning north, then east. In this secluded portion of the ruins, you’ll need to awaken the Armos Knight in the southeast corner. When they move, a staircase will appear beneath where they once stood. Descend the stairs and loot the chest in the small room below to get a Secret Seashell.

    Secret Seashell #2

    To the north of the Ancient Ruins, there is a pseudo maze of rocks, shrubs, and immovable stones. In the northeast corner, there is a rock that you can lift to find the other Secret Seashell of this region.

    Tal Tal Heights’ Secret Seashells (2)

    Link in the middle of Tal Tal Heights and looking north towards a keyhole.

    Out of all the Secret Seashells in Link’s Awakening, these 2 are some of the most counterintuitive to find.

    Secret Seashell #1

    There is a hole surrounded by walls in the eastern half of Tal Tal Heights. You’ll need to throw a Bomb into this hole. When you do, a Secret Seashell will pop out.

    Secret Seashell #2

    In the watery channel north of Tal Tal Heights, you’ll need to swim west to get the next Secret Seashell. When you go as far west as you can, you’ll then need to swim south and go down the waterfall. This will bring you to the northwest corner of the moat encircling Kanalet Castle. Afterward, press the B button to dive at the base of the waterfall to find a Secret Seashell.

    Rapids Ride’s Secret Seashells (2)

    Link holding up a Secret Seashell on the tiny southwest island of the Rapids Ride course.

    To get both of the Secret Seashells from the Rapids Ride, you’ll need to both navigate to the center of the course and get a new speed record. Although it’s possible to get both in a single attempt, its’ quite difficult to do so. As such, you’re better off getting one at a time.

    Secret Seashell #1

    For the first Secret Seashell, it doesn’t matter which type of ride you choose. You just need to navigate to the island in the center of the course. You’ll have to approach this island from the east in order to reach the stairs. If you’re having a hard time getting there, use the Hookshot to latch onto the plant roots near the island’s stairs to pull yourself into position.

    Secret Seashell #2

    To get the other Secret Seashell, you’ll have to select the “Rapids Race” option when starting the Rapids Ride course. Furthermore, you’ll need to clear the course in under 35 seconds to get the ideal reward. When you do, you’ll get a Secret Seashell from the Rapids Ride owner.

    Tal Tal Mountain Range’s Secret Seashells (6)

    Cave exit near the center of the Tal Tal Mountain Range.

    As the most complicated overworld area to traverse, getting the Secret Seashells on the Tal Tal Mountain Range can take a while.

    Secret Seashell #1

    East of the Telephone Booth on the west of the Tal Tal Mountain Range, you can find a patch of small rocks. These small rocks will be surrounding a bare patch of dirt. When you dig up this dirt patch, you’ll get a Secret Seashell.

    Secret Seashell #2

    On the plateau north of where there are falling boulders, you’ll find many rocks. In the northeast corner, you can lift up the northeasternmost rock to get a Secret Seashell.

    Secret Seashell #3

    Southwest of the Henhouse Keeper’s home, there is a hole enclosed by walls. Just like the similar hole in Tal Tal Heights, you’ll need to toss a Bomb into this hole. Afterward, a Secret Seashell will pop out.

    Secret Seashell #4

    If you go east of the waterfall that was once blocking the entrance to Level 4 – Angler’s Tunnel, you’ll find some deep water being fed by a small waterfall. Dive underwater at the base of this smaller waterfall to find another Secret Seashell.

    Secret Seashell #5

    Go to the Henhouse Keeper’s home and then walk east across the rickety wooden bridge. On the first small plateau here, you’ll find a rock. When you lift up this rock, there will be a Secret Seashell underneath it.

    Secret Seashell #6

    After you swim east of the waterfall feeding the deepwater containing Secret Seashell #4, you’ll find a cave entrance. Head inside and keep going until you exit onto a plateau overlooking the area. There will be a chest here that you can open to find the last Secret Seashell of this region.

    Dungeons That Contain Secret Seashells (3)

    Link looking at 3 statues of worm-like creatures. The middle statue has a keyhole in it.

    There are 3 Secret Seashells that can only be obtained by going into a dungeon. The 3 dungeons this is true for are: Level 1 – Tail Cave, Level 6 – Face Shrine, and Level 7 – Eagle’s Tower.

    The Secret Seashell in Level 1 – Tail Cave

    Looking at the map with the dungeon map showing all enterable rooms.

    In the western section of Level 1 – Tail Cave, there is a hidden room housing a chest. You’ll have to use a Bomb to break open a cracked wall to reach this chest—which contains a Secret Seashell.

    The Secret Seashell in Level 6 – Face Shrine

    A view of the dungeon's map showing all the rooms, chests, and where the boss room is located.

    In the northwesternmost section of Level 6 – Face Shrine, there is a room with a chest and stairs along the north wall. Ascending the staircase will bring you to the western island of the Rapids Ride course. This dungeon route is the only way to access this island. When you get to this island, there will be a chest, which you can open to get a Secret Seashell.

    The Secret Seashell in Level 7 – Eagle’s Tower

    A muscular red cyclops in a room with a few floor holes.

    In the room with the Red Hynox, there is a hole along the southern wall. You’ll need to drop down this hole to reach a raised area on floor 1. Afterward, head west and then north until you find a chest. Open this chest to get a Secret Seashell.