Link holding a full Fairy Bottle above their head. The glass bottle has a pink glowing sphere inside.

Link’s Awakening: How to Catch Fairies

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To catch a Fairy in Link’s Awakening, you’ll need to catch them in empty Fairy Bottles. First, you’ll need to find the 3 rare Fairy Bottles. But, afterward, you’ll need to physically trap Fairies within these glass jars.

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    How to Catch a Fairy in a Fairy Bottle

    The player hovering over an empty Fairy Bottle in their inventory.

    The first thing you’ll need to do is equip an empty Fairy Bottle to either your X or Y button. This can be done in the same way you can equip your other weapons and tools.

    Link swinging an empty Fairy Bottle in front of himself.

    When you use an equipped empty Fairy Bottle, Link will swipe at the air in front of himself with the bottle in hand. If you do this while a Fairy is in front of you, you’ll capture it. Just keep in mind that the range of this maneuver is quite short. As such, you’ll need to be very close to a Fairy for this capture method to work.

    How to Use Full Fairy Bottles

    Link catching a Fairy and the game telling the player to release the Fairy later to get healed.

    After you’ve collected a Fairy in a Fairy Bottle, you’ll need to actively use it again to release the Fairy. To do so, equip the full Fairy Bottle and then use the assigned button (the X or Y button). This will release the Fairy, who will then heal you.

    How Much Hearts Does a Fairy Give You?

    When you release a Fairy from a Fairy Bottle, you’ll receive 10 Hearts worth of healing. This is by far the best active healing item in the game (Secret Medicine is a passive healing item that works without you needing to equip and use it). Be sure to keep full Fairy Bottles on you as you explore, as they can literally be lifesavers.

    Where to Get All 3 Fairy Bottles in Link’s Awakening

    Link holding up an empty glass bottle while Dampé is standing nearby.

    Here’s a breakdown of where to find all 3 Fairy Bottles in the game:

    1. The first Fairy Bottle can be found in the Fishing Pond of Mabe Village, although, you’ll need to reel it in as if it was a fish
    2. Another Fairy Bottle is given as a reward for helping the Pink Ghost that you meet in the moat of Kanalet Castle
    3. Lastly, you’ll get the final Fairy Bottle by completing the dungeon arranging challenge at Dampé’s Shack known as “Heart Storage”, which is in the tier 3 tab

    Where to Find Fairies

    Great Fairy with a small Fairy nearby. There is a shining pond and some fairy statues in this cave.

    There are many places where you can find Fairies in Link’s Awakening. Firstly, whenever you enter a Great Fairy location for the first time since entering an area, there will be a small Fairy hanging out with the Great Fairy within.

    With that said, the most common place to find Fairies is within dungeons. Every true mini-boss of a dungeon will drop a Fairy when they are defeated. Furthermore, Spark enemies will also drop Fairies when they are defeated. However, the only way to defeat Sparks in the game is to hit them with your Boomerang.

    On top of that, Fairies can also be found in pots as well as under shrubs and rocks. In dungeons, there are certain pots that will always drop a Fairy when smashed for the first time. As for the shrub and rock-hidden Fairies in the overworld, you’ll just have to get lucky! They spawn quite rarely, so don’t rely on this latter type of appearance when searching for Fairies.