Link holding up the BowWow Figure.

Link’s Awakening: How to Get Every Figure

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If you want to do everything possible in Link’s Awakening, you’ll have to gather every Figure from Trendy Game. To do so, you’ll need to get good at maneuvering the crane arm—and a bit more.

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    All 10 Figures in Order of When You Can Get Them

    The exterior of Trendy Game in Mabe Village. It's a building with a red and blue roof as well as has a depiction of a mechanical claw like the one used in the game played within the building.

    The first Figure will spawn in Trendy Game after you get the Yoshi Doll—which is the first trade quest item. However, after that, you can progressively get each Figure individually. Although, keep in mind that you’ll need to place the Figure in your inventory before new ones will spawn in Trendy Game.

    Here’s a breakdown of the order in which the Figures spawn and where you need to place them:

    1. CiaoCiao Figure (Madam MeowMeow’s House)
    2. Goomba Figure (Marin’s House)
    3. Spiny Figure (Mamasha and Papahl’s House)
    4. Boo Figure (Mamasha and Papahl’s House)
    5. Cheep Cheep Figure (Old Man Ulrira’s House)
    6. Blooper Figure (Old Man Ulrira’s House)
    7. Shy Guy Figure (Mamasha and Papahl’s House)
    8. Piranha Plant Figure (Marin’s House)
    9. Pokey Figure (Mamasha and Papahl’s House)
    10. BowWow Figure (Madam MeowMeow’s House)

    About the Figures

    In case you couldn’t tell, all of the Figures you can win are enemies found in not only Legend of Zelda games, but other Nintendo ones! The only variations from this pattern are the named Chain Chomps: CiaoCiao and BowWow. However, thankfully, the fearsome Chain Chomps don’t actually appear as enemies in Link’s Awakening—instead appearing as helpful (and cute) NPCs.

    Tips for Getting the Last 3 Figures

    Trendy Gamester dubbing Link the champ.

    The first 7 Figures will be relatively easy to win from Trendy Game, as they are all pretty small. As such, if you line up the white light of the crane arm above them, you’ll be able to pick them up with few issues. However, the last 3 Figures are quite bulky and will take more effort to acquire.

    The Piranha Plant Figure

    A player trying to pick up the large Piranha Plant Figure by grabbing it around its head.

    The Piranha Plant is large and awkwardly shaped. Furthermore, it spawns in an upright position, making it one of the most difficult Figures to grab with the crane arm. Therefore, you’ll need to position it before you’re likely to actually lift it up. This will take a few attempts, so be sure to stock up on Rupees beforehand.

    Firstly, you’ll want to knock the Piranha Plant Figure onto its side. The crane arm will always try to descend all the way, so this tall Figure will jam the arm in an odd manner, preventing you from grabbing it. On your first attempt, you should be able to knock the Piranha Plant Figure onto its side.

    Afterward, you’ll be in a much better position to pick up this feisty Figure. On your next attempt, line up the crane arm over the Piranha Plant Figure’s red and white head. Its head will fit snuggly into the crane arm’s claw, which makes it much easier to grab than the green pipe portion of the Figure.

    Additionally, since this Figure spawns on the eastmost moving platform, you’ll have to get the timing right…unless you knock the Figure off of the moving platform. The latter option is actually a good thing, as it’s easier to grab stationary objects than moving ones.

    The Pokey Figure

    The player grabbing the Pokey Figure with the crane arm while it is horizontal.

    You’ll have to use a similar approach for getting the Pokey Figure as you did for the Piranha Plant Figure. This is due to both of the aforementioned Figures being quite tall compared to other Figures.

    Like before, you’ll likely need multiple attempts to claim the Pokey Figure. Furthermore, you’ll also want to start by knocking it onto its side. This will make it easier to grab.

    Thankfully, the Pokey Figure spawns in a stationary spot, which makes collecting it a fair deal easier. After you knock it onto its side, you’ll want to line up the white light of the crane arm over the middle bulb of the Pokey Figure.

    Aiming at the head or bottom bulb can more likely result in failure due to each bulb being quite small. The small size of the bulbs can allow the Figure to slip through the grasp of the crane arm.

    However, if you aim for the middle bulb, even if the Figure wiggles around, the claw will have more surface area to latch onto. This is a more secure grip, which gives you the best chance of getting the Pokey Figure to the conveyor belt.

    The BowWow Figure

    Link lining up the Trendy Game claw over the BowWow Figure.

    Before you can get the BowWow Figure, you’ll need to beat the game. However, when you do, load up your save file with the cleared game data and you’ll be able to find the BowWow Figure inside Trendy Game.

    With that said, get ready for the toughest Trendy Game challenge yet! While the BowWow Figure is almost completely round, it’s a bit too big to fit into the claw properly. As such, you’ll need to line up the crane arm perfectly to actually pick up this large sphere.

    On top of that, the BowWow Figure will spawn on the eastmost moving platform. This makes your task all the more challenging. Thankfully, this Figure’s round shape will let you knock it off the platform fairly easily, as it is very inclined to roll around.

    After you get the BowWow Figure into a stationary position, you’ll be able to line up the claw easier. You’ll want to be dead center over the Figure, otherwise, it has a high chance of sliding out of your grasp.

    What You Get For Collecting Every Figure

    Trendy Gamester letting Link play Trendy Game for 5 Rupees because he's the champ.

    First off, you’ll get a Chamber Stone, which you can use in dungeon arranging at Dampé’s Shack. However, you’ll also get another reward. After you get the BowWow Figure, Trendy Gamester will only charge you 5 Rupees per Trendy Game attempt instead of 10 Rupees.

    Overall, after clearing the game, the latter reward is kind of pointless. Although, if you ever want to farm Rupees just for the fun of it, this reward will let you do so with utmost ease. As such, stocking up on Bombs, Hearts, and more will be even more efficient.