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God of War Ragnarök Walkthrough and Guides

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VGKAMI’s God of War Ragnarök wiki guide covers everything you need to know about traversing the nine realms. You’ll find information about both basic and advanced gameplay topics. From walkthroughs for various favors to armor analyses, collectible locations, and more; this is your one-stop shop for the most important details.

God of War Ragnarök Walkthrough

These guides break down many of the most important favors throughout the game. Also, below are step-by-step tutorials on how to gather up a lot of GoWR‘s plethora of collectibles. There are also details on how to perform some feats that you may not have known about before.

Favor Guides

Where to Find Important Resources

Collectible Locations

Valuable Upgrade & Armor Locations

Muspelheim Help

Location Guides

Guides for Tricky Treasure Maps

Things You May Not Have Known You Could Do

Game Basics

Whether you are new to God of War titles or are a franchise veteran, there are things you need to know about if you want to succeed. This includes how to overcome certain obstacles and what to do in specific situations. Also, you need to know how to use certain resources to get ahead and make your playthrough unique and interesting.

Tips & Tricks

There are lots of complex combat mechanics that you can use to your advantage. Furthermore, once you understand them, you can experiment to find new and crazy tactics on your own. Take a look at a detailed dissection of the most game-breaking build and more:


The bosses and enemies in GoWR can be pretty tough—especially those you need to find without in-game help. You need to bring your best gear and tactics to defeat these foes.

Weapons & Armor

With a wide variety of equipment available, you may be a bit overwhelmed. Since it can be hard to figure out what bits of gear work the best together, you should take a look at what they do. Here are some in-depth analyses on the best armor as well as tips on how to upgrade all of Kratos’ weapons.

Runic Attacks

Almost as abundant as armor and upgrades, you have a ton of runic attacks to choose from. Here’s how to find all of them for every one of Kratos’ weapons. Be sure to try out each one so that you can figure out in what situations they’re best used.


In addition to all the fun quests that the game tells you about, there are a few hidden features that you need to discover on your own…or with our help. Check out these secrets—but beware of spoilers!


The most-asked questions about God of War Ragnarök involve the less-explained mechanics. There aren’t too many, thanks to excellent game design, but some gray areas still exist. Here’s a breakdown of such a topic: