Chrono Cross Kid and Serge.

Chrono Cross Walkthrough

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This Chrono Cross walkthrough aims to make sure players achieve a perfect game. This means guiding players to discover every item, explore every area, and fully experience everything the game has to offer.

In this guide, we use a direct walkthrough approach leading you to the locations of all of the items in the game, strategies for fighting the bosses, and more.

Chrono Cross Walkthrough

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Disc 1

Disc 2

New Game+

Once you’ve beaten the game, you can access New Game+ and Continue+, which will allow you to start a New Game or Continue with all of your previous stats, levels, equipment, and elements—with some caveats.

New Game+ allows you to face a special trio that you weren’t able to in your first playthrough. You can also experience new endings.

Here’s some useful info about New Game+ in Chrono Cross.