Minecraft: What Do Mooshrooms Eat?

In Minecraft, Red Mooshrooms can only eat Wheat. However, Brown Mooshrooms can eat Wheat as well as any kind of flower. Feeding a Brown Mooshroom flowers will allow you to milk it for Suspicious Stew.

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    Where to Find Mooshrooms

    A bunch of red mooshrooms in a mushroom fields biome.

    Mooshrooms can only spawn in the Mushroom Fields biome. This biome usually generates along coasts or as islands out to sea. You can tell them apart from other biomes by the wealth of Giant Mushrooms and grayish Mycelium blocks.

    Furthermore, only Red Mooshrooms can spawn naturally. If you’re looking for Brown Mooshrooms, you’ll have to wait until a Red Mooshroom gets struck by lightning. In Survival Mode, such an occurrence is only possible when there’s a thunderstorm. However, in Creative Mode, you can summon a bolt of lightning onto your position to make this process easier. The command for this is /summon lightning_bolt.

    Alternatively, you can hit a Red Mooshroom with Trident enchanted with Channeling during a thunderstorm to guarantee a lighting strike. Although, this can potentially kill the Mooshroom you strike, making the attempt to turn them into a Brown Mooshroom futile.

    How to Breed Mooshooms

    Two red mooshrooms nuzzling while red hearts appear above their heads. There is a baby mooshroom nearby as well.

    Like Cows, Mooshrooms can be bred with Wheat. To do so, start by luring some Mooshrooms together. This can be done by holding Wheat in your hand, as Mooshrooms will follow you when you do.

    When you’ve gathered at least 2 Mooshrooms, use 1 Wheat on each of them and they will begin nuzzling. This cute behavior indicates that they have entered love mode, as can be noted by the red hearts appearing above them. A few seconds after this, a baby Mooshrooms will appear nearby.

    Additionally, you can breed Red and Brown Mooshrooms together for a 50-50 chance of getting either Red or Brown baby Mooshrooms. This would be the best way to increase the number of Brown Mooshrooms in Survival Mode, as lightning strikes are pretty rare.

    How to Milk Mooshrooms

    A player milking a brown mooshroom with a wooden bowl after feeding them some flowers.

    There are 3 ways that you can milk a Mooshroom: with a Bucket, with a Bowl, and with a Bowl after feeding them a flower. However, the last method can only be done on Brown Mooshrooms.

    When you milk either variety of Mooshroom with a Bucket, you will get a Milk Bucket. This is identical to milking a regular Cow. Since drinking a Milk Bucket removes status effects, it can be handy to always keep one on hand in case you get poisoned…or worse. Milk Buckets turn back into normal Buckets after you drink the milk from them.

    Using a Bowl on any kind of Mooshroom will give you Mushroom Stew. Mushroom Stew restores 3 full points of your Hunger Meter, which makes it a decent food item. Since Bowls don’t get consumed when you slurp down the Mushroom Stew, this food item can be a great renewable source of nourishment.

    In order to get Suspicious Stew, you’ll need to use a Bowl on a Brown Mooshroom after feeding it any kind of flower. Which version of Suspicious Stew you get will depend on what flower you fed the Brown Mooshroom. The effect you get from Suspicious Stew only lasts a few seconds, although, these effects last a tiny bit longer in the Java Edition (usually 2 seconds longer).

    Which Flowers Give Which Effects to Brown Mooshroom Suspicious Stew

    • Blue Orchid – Saturation (0.3 seconds in Bedrock Edition and 0.35 seconds in Java Edition)
    • Dandelion – Saturation (0.3 seconds in Bedrock Edition and 0.35 seconds in Java Edition)
    • Allium – Fire Resistance (2 seconds in Bedrock Edition and 4 seconds in Java Edition)
    • Poppy – Night Vision (4 seconds in Bedrock Edition and 5 seconds in Java Edition)
    • Cornflower – Jump Boost (4 seconds in Bedrock Edition and 6 seconds in Java Edition)
    • Azure Bluet – Blindness (6 seconds in Bedrock Edition and 8 seconds in Java Edition)
    • Oxeye Daisy – Regeneration (6 seconds in Bedrock Edition and 8 seconds in Java Edition)
    • Wither Rose – Wither (6 seconds in Bedrock Edition and 8 seconds in Java Edition)
    • Tulips (any color) – Weakness (7 seconds in Bedrock Edition and 9 seconds in Java Edition)
    • Lily of the Valley – Poison (10 seconds in Bedrock Edition and 12 seconds in Java Edition)

    How to Make Buckets and Bowls

    If you’re in need of some items to milk your Mooshrooms, the only ones that will work are Buckets and Bowls.

    To make a Bucket, you’ll need 3 Iron Ingots. On a Crafting Table, start by placing 1 Iron Ingot in the bottom-middle slot. Next, place an Iron Ingot in the middle-left slot and the last Iron Ingot in the middle-right slot. This recipe will give you 1 empty Bucket.

    In order to make some Bowls, you can use the same crafting recipe as for a Bucket, but swap out the Iron Ingots for Wooden Planks. The type of wood used does not matter. In fact, you can mix and match different types of Wooden Planks to create Bowls. This recipe will give you 4 Bowls.

    What Happens When You Shear a Mooshroom

    A player using a pair of shear on a mooshroom to shave off the mushrooms and turn it into a cow. Shearing a mooshroom does not hurt it.

    You can use a pair of Shears on a Mooshroom to shave off the Mushrooms growing on its back. This does not hurt the Mooshroom but this will turn it into a normal Cow. You can shear both Red and Brown Mooshrooms. Regardless of what type you shear, they will always turn into a normal Cow.

    Why You Should Not Shear Mooshrooms

    While shearing a Mooshroom is a novel mechanic, there’s no reason to do so. Mooshrooms are way rarer than regular Cows, plus, Mooshrooms provide many more benefits.

    When you shear a Mooshroom, you’ll get 5 Mushrooms. The type of Mushroom is dependent on the color of the Mooshroom; Red Mooshrooms give Red Mushrooms and Brown Mooshrooms give Brown Mushrooms. If you’re in a Mushroom Fields biome, there’s no reason to try and get Mushrooms this way, as they grow everywhere.

    How to Make Shears

    If you’re really determined to shave the Mushrooms off of Mooshrooms, the only item that will let you do this is a pair of Shears. These can be made from 2 Iron Ingots. Furthermore, you don’t even need a Crafting Table for this recipe. All you need to do is place the 2 Iron Ingots diagonally in your inventory crafting grid. This recipe will give you 1 pair of Shears.

    Closeup of a red mooshroom while it is looking at the player. In the background, many giant mushrooms can be seen.