Close up shot of a cake placed next to a sitting cat and wolf. The cake is red and white.

How to Make a Cake in Minecraft

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There are many different foods that you can make in Minecraft. Cake is one that offers some of the best benefits in that it greatly restores your hunger meter. However, you can’t eat it like other foods.

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    What You Need to Make a Cake

    Making a cake by using milk, sugar, wheat, and an egg.

    The ingredients to make a Cake in Minecraft are 3 Milk Buckets, 3 Wheat, 2 Sugar, and 1 Egg. Place the 3 Wheat along the bottom row of a Crafting Table and then fill the top row with the 3 Milk Buckets. Then, on the left and right slots of the middle row, put the 2 Sugar. Finally, place the Egg on the middle slot and you’ll be able to pick up your Cake.

    How to Get Milk Buckets

    To get Milk, you will need to walk up to a Cow while holding an empty Bucket and use it on the Cow. This will create a Milk Bucket, which can potentially be used again to drink the Milk. After drinking the Milk, the container will return to being a Bucket. In a similar manner, when you use Milk Buckets to make a Cake, the Buckets are left afterward.

    How to Get Wheat

    You’ll likely be able to find tons of Wheat as well as Hay Bales (which can be broken down to get Wheat) in Villages that have farms. However, you can also grow it yourself. First, you need to break Grass blocks to get Seeds. Then, you need to till some Dirt blocks with a Hoe and then plant the Seeds. Following that, you need to wait a little while for the plant to grow. When fully grown, Wheat will be yellow in color, which means you can break it to harvest it. Every block of fully grown Wheat will drop 1 Wheat and a few Seeds. Additionally, you can occasionally find Wheat in the Chests of many overworld structures.

    How to Get Sugar

    Sugar Cane can be broken down to make Sugar in any kind of crafting grid. For every 1 Sugar Cane you use, you will get 1 Sugar. Furthermore, if you have Honey Bottles, those can be broken down in the same way. Every 1 Honey Bottle will give you 3 Sugar, so, if you have access to a lot of Honey and Glass, this can be a great Sugar farming method.

    How to Get Eggs

    Eggs can only be laid by Chickens, however, Foxes sometimes carry Eggs as well. A Chicken will lay an egg every 5 to 10 minutes, so, if you need some, just hang out with a Chicken for a while.

    Other Ways to Get Cake

    You have a small chance (4.1%) of finding 1 Cake in a Buried Treasure Chest. Furthermore, you can sometimes find an Expert-level Farmer Villager who will trade you 1 Cake at the cost of 1 Emerald.

    How to Use a Cake

    A red and white cake placed in front of a sitting cat and wolf.

    You can’t eat a Cake from your hotbar like how you can eat other food items. You must first place a Cake on a solid block before you can use it. When you have the Cake in your hand, use it on any solid block to place it on top of that block. After being placed, you can use a Cake up to 7 times. Every time that you use a Cake, it will visibly lose 1 slice.

    How Much Hunger Cake Restores

    Before you can truly appreciate how great Cake is, you’ll need to understand your Hunger Meter. Each icon to the right of your level, on top of your hotbar, represents your Hunger Meter. There are 10 of these icons total, which will each slowly turn black over time. When all of your Hunger Meter icons are black, you will begin to take damage from starving.

    Every time that you eat a slice of Cake, it restores 1 Hunger. Therefore, if you take all 7 slices into account, 1 entire Cake will restore 7 Hunger. Comparatively, the best food items that aren’t covered in Gold (Steak and other cooked meats) will only restore 4 Hunger. Cake may be expensive to make, however, it will nourish you more in Minecraft than most other foods. If you have a farm with Cows, Chickens, Wheat, and Sugar Cane (all of which are pretty easy to set up), you can make tons of Cakes in no time.

    About Breaking Cakes

    One important thing to know about Cakes is that they can’t be picked up after being placed. If you break a Cake after it’s placed instead of eating slices from it, nothing will drop. You can’t even retrieve them by using a tool with the Silk Touch enchantment. As such, you should be careful where you place your Cakes.