The top of the image is the world generation loading bar in the Bedrock Edition and the bottom portion is the world generation square loading image in the Java Edition.

Minecraft: How to Use a Seed Map

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Key Takeaway

To use a Seed to generate a specific world map, go to the options menu. In the Java Edition, the text box for Seed input is found in the “More World Options” sub-menu within the “Create New World” menu. In the Bedrock Edition of the game, you’ll have to head into the “Create New World” menu and then scroll down the “Game Settings” until you find the text box for Seed input.

There are tons of cool Minecraft world maps out there! And, thankfully, you can recreate any of them yourself from scratch. All you need to do is head into the menu options and input the world Seed.

Table Of Contents

    How to Use a Seed Map in the Java Edition

    The main menu in Minecraft Java Edition. There is an image of Steve with a Pickaxe in their hand and the green "Play" button below this image.

    There are slight differences between the menus of the Java and Bedrock Editions of the game. This results in the text box for Seed inputs being in somewhat different places. In the Java Edition, click the “Play” button from the main menu to get started.

    Step #1 – Select “More World Options…”

    The Create New World menu with the "More World Options" button outlined in red.

    To generate a world map using a specific Seed, you’ll need to create a new world. As such, the first step (as you can probably guess) is to head into the Create New World menu. You can find this menu by clicking either “Singleplayer” or “Multiplayer” from the main menu.

    Then, in the Create New World menu, you’ll see 8 different buttons. The one you need to click on to get to the Seed input field is the one called “More World Options…”

    Step #2 – Input the Seed in the Text Field

    The "More World Options" menu with the text box at the top outlined in red. The number "1337" is in the text box that is used to generate a new world with a specific seed.

    In the More World Options menu screen, you’ll see a few more buttons. However, the part of this screen used for Seed inputs is located at the top. In the text box at the top of this screen, you can type in anything. Alternatively, and conveniently, you can also copy and paste a string of characters into this text box.

    Afterward, click on the “Done” button to save the changes you made on this screen. This will also bring you back to the previous screen: the Create New World menu. From here, if you click the “Create New World” option in the bottom-left, you’ll generate a world map based on the Seed you input.

    How to Use a Seed Map in the Bedrock Edition

    Main menu of the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft where the "Play" and "Settings" options appear below the title of the game. There is a meadow biome in the background.

    The process for using a Seed is pretty similar to the Bedrock Edition. Although, the menus are laid out a bit differently than in the Java Edition. With that said, you’ll still need to click the “Play” button from the main menu to get started.

    Step #1 – Navigate to the “Create New World” Menu

    The Create menu showing the "Create New World" button at the top of the screen. Below the green button, there are a bunch of templates that players can select.

    After you click “Play” from the main menu, you’ll be at the Storage menu where you’ll see your worlds tab, your friends tab, and the servers tab. In the worlds tab, there will be the “Create New” button at the top. Click this to get to the Create menu.

    When you do, you’ll find the “Create New World” button at the top of the screen. Below it, you’ll see a bunch of templates. Ignore the latter and click on the “Create New World” button.

    Step #2 – Scroll Down the Game Settings Until You Find the Seed Text Box

    The seed text box outlined in red in the Game Settings part of the screen.

    When you reach the “Create New World” menu, you’ll find it divided into 2 sections. The left of the screen will have a preview of a default world and the “Edit Settings” sub-menu. And, on the right, you’ll find the “Game Settings” sub-menu. It’s the latter that you want to explore for the Seed text box.

    Next, scroll down the right side to go through the Game Settings sub-menu. Below the “World Type” dropdown menu is where you’ll find the Seed text box. It is here that you can type in your desired character string for world generation.

    Alternatively, you can click on the small square box with an arrow to the right of the Seed text box. This will open up the “Seed Picker” menu, where you can select one of many other Seeds. The Seeds in the Seed Picker menu will also have previews of the world they will generate, as well as appropriate names for each.

    Enjoy Your New World

    The player in first-person view looking at a rising sun cresting over a hill in a badlands biome.

    With the ability to input any Seed text you want, the possibilities are endless for world generation. Additionally, you can start fresh in a world you’re familiar with, try out a Seed map recommended by a friend, or even explore the same world as your favorite streamers and Youtubers. Finally, you’re ready to adventure with a whole new level of precision!

    Try out the Seed used in this article if you’re new to using Seeds and are worried about weird spawns. In both the Java and Bedrock Editions, the Seed “1337” will spawn you near the border of a Badlands biome and a Desert biome. Furthermore, there will be a few trees nearby, so you can make a Crafting Table and some wooden tools pretty quickly.