What Do Llamas Eat In Minecraft?

Llamas in Minecraft only eat Wheat and Hay Bales. You can’t feed Llamas food other than these, so, if you want to breed these animals, make sure to get a Wheat farm going or loot a Village.

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    How to Get Wheat and Hay Bales

    A hay bale on some dirt next to some llamas who are swimming in the water.

    Wheat can be grown from Seeds that are planted in fertile soil. It can also be found as loot in Village Chests as well as the Chests of many other structures. However, out of all naturally generated structures, Villages have the Chests with the highest odds of containing Wheat.

    In the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft, the seeds for Wheat are just called “Seeds,” while, in the Java Edition, they are more appropriately known as Wheat Seeds.

    Chances of Finding Wheat In Village Chests

    • Desert House Chests: you can find between 1 to 7 Wheat at an appearance rate of 80%
    • Shepherd’s Chests: you can find between 1 to 6 Wheat at an appearance rate of 55.8%
    • Butcher’s Chests: you can find between 1 to 3 Wheat at an appearance rate of 48.6%

    Chances of Finding Wheat in Naturally Generated Structure Chests

    Type of StructurePossible Amount of WheatAppearance Rate
    Dungeon1 to 434.1%
    Igloo2 to 355.3%
    Pillager Outpost3 to 572.5%
    Shipwreck8 to 2142.1%
    Underwater Ruins2 to 381% to 85%
    Woodland Mansion1 to 434.1%

    How to Farm Wheat

    You will need to till the soil with a hoe to make it possible for Seeds to be planted. However, for Wheat, you’ll also need to make sure that the tilled soil is close to some water and has access to sunlight. When the conditions are right, the tilled soil will be dark brown instead of light brown.

    After you plant some Seeds into a patch of fertile soil, you will need to wait for the crops to reach stage 4 of their growth, which is when they will turn yellow. You can break fully matured Wheat with an empty hand or any kind of tool. When broken, fully grown Wheat blocks will drop 1 Wheat and between 0 to 3 Seeds.

    How to Get Hay Bales

    If you have a Wheat farm, it will be easy to get Hay Bales. You can craft a Hay Bale by filling all slots on a Crafting Table with 9 Wheat. It’s also worth noting that you can reverse this crafting recipe without losing any resources. By placing 1 Hay Bale on a Crafting Table, you can get 9 Wheat. This two-way crafting is convenient for storing large amounts of this crop.

    Hay Bales also spawn fairly often in Villages within Plains biomes. You can find them scattered around randomly within the Village’s limits. Additionally, you can find them in Desert and Savannah biome Villages as well, though not as often. It’s also possible to spot some Hay Bales outside of Pillager Outposts, as the Pillagers like to use them as target practice to hone their Crossbow skills.

    About Feeding Llamas for Breeding

    While you can feed Llamas both Wheat and Hay Bales, you can only make Llamas enter love mode by feeding them Hay Bales. Also worth mentioning is that you will sometimes have to feed a Llama up to 3 Hay Bales to get them to enter love mode. As such, be sure to stock up on these big blocks of Wheat when trying to breed Llamas.

    Three llamas swimming in a lake near the shore. They all have blue, yellow, and red saddles and fabric ornaments.