A black and white panda standing in a bamboo forest.

How to Breed Pandas in Minecraft

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Pandas are a type of mob in Minecraft that are unique in a few ways. Baby Pandas can be great to farm Slimeballs, so breeding Pandas have a niche benefit. Though, Pandas have specific breeding needs that other animals don’t.

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    What You Need to Breed Pandas

    Many bamboo shoots with a lake in the background.

    To put it simply, you need a decent amount of Bamboo to breed Pandas. Firstly, you need to feed Bamboo to 2 Pandas. However, they will not enter love mode unless there is enough Bamboo placed nearby. You need to place 8 blocks of Bamboo or more in the area. Afterward, feeding Bamboo to 2 Pandas in this area will cause them to enter love mode. If the couple is close enough together, they will mate and a baby Panda will be born shortly.

    Where to Find Pandas and Bamboo

    You can find Pandas and Bamboo in similar environments. In the Java Edition of Minecraft, you can spot them both in Jungle biomes as well as in Bamboo Jungle biomes. However, in the Bedrock Edition, you can find Pandas and Bamboo in the aforementioned biomes in addition to Sparse Jungle biomes.

    The Reason to Breed Pandas

    Unlike many other breedable mobs, you can’t get very many useful drops from Pandas or ride them, however, baby Pandas can produce a rare resource. For every second of gameplay, there is a small chance that a baby Panda will sneeze and create a Slimeball that you can pick up as an item. Since Slimeballs can usually only be obtained by slaying Slimes, which are themselves rare, breeding Pandas can be another method of getting these sticky items.

    Every Type of Panda

    All 7 types of pandas standing on a beach. There are 2 images; the top has 3 black and white pandas and the bottom has 4 pandas.

    There are 7 types of Panda that you can find in Minecraft. Each has a different personality as well as different behaviors. You can tell them apart by their facial expressions and sometimes their color.

    Normal Panda

    This type of Panda acts like a calmer version of Polar Bears, in that they simply walk around and mind their own business. You can often spot them eating wild Bamboo and occasionally breeding if enough Bamboo and other Pandas are nearby. Their expression is neutral, with their eyes in a relaxed yet alert state and their mouth in a passive frown.

    Aggressive Panda

    Out of all Panda varieties, the Aggressive Panda is the most hostile. They have a small, sour frown and inwardly-angled eyebrows. These bears, unlike other Pandas, will not panic if you hit them. Instead, they will counterattack immediately and relentlessly. Normally, if you hit a Panda, they’ll only hit you back once. However, Aggressive Pandas will attack you until you are dead or out of their detection range.

    Weak Panda

    These sickly mobs can be easily distinguished by the green mucus on their faces. There will be snot coming out of their noses as well as from the corners of their eyes. Although Weak Pandas have half the maximum Health of other varieties, as babies, they sneeze way more often. As such, Weak Pandas are the type you should breed for farming Slimeballs.

    Playful Panda

    The most joyful out of all the bunch, Playful Pandas will roll around and jump about. Their happy expression shows their mouth to be open, revealing their pink tongue. It is worth noting that the rolling animation of these Pandas does not have ledge detection. As such, it is possible for Playful Pandas to accidentally roll off of high areas.

    Worried Panda

    This type of Panda is the most skittish and will actively try to avoid you if you approach them. You can recognize them by their sad, outwardly-angled eyes. This is the only kind of Pandas that will not eat on its own and must be fed. Thankfully, like other varieties, it will still approach you if you are holding some Bamboo in your hand. Additionally, Worried Pandas will shake and cover their faces with their paws during thunderstorms.

    Lazy Panda

    Lazy Pandas have a laid-back expression featuring the eyes of a Normal Panda but accompanied by a smile instead of a frown. This variety has an even slower movement speed than other Pandas, which makes them one of the slowest-moving mobs in the game. That is if they move at all, as you can sometimes find Lazy Pandas lying on their backs while napping.

    Brown Panda

    These Pandas act just like Normal Pandas and their expression is also the same. The only difference between a Brown Panda and a Normal Panda is their color. However, these Pandas are the rarest, as they spawn less often than the other varieties.