The player in third person view holding an iron sword. They are also wearing full iron armor and are standing between 2 flowering azalea leaf blocks.

How to Make a Sword in Minecraft

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There are 6 different kinds of Swords in Minecraft. The rarer the material used to craft one, the stronger it will be. Swords are arguably the best tool for defeating enemies that get up close and personal in combat.

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    What You Need to Make a Sword

    Making a stone sword from 2 cobblestone and 1 stick.

    In regards to the crafting recipe, you’ll have an easy time making a Sword. Simply place 1 Stick on the bottom row anywhere on a Crafting Table. After that, on the 2 open slots above the Stick, put 2 of any of the following materials:

    • Wood Planks
    • Cobblestone (or other types of stone)
    • Iron Ingots
    • Gold Ingots
    • Diamonds

    By following this crafting recipe and using the desired material for the blade, you can make 1 of 5 different kinds of Sword. However, for the sixth type of Sword, you will have to use a different crafting method.

    How to Make a Netherite Sword

    To make a Netherite Sword, which is the strongest sword in the game, you will need to start with a Diamond Sword. Place 1 Diamond Sword and 1 Netherite Ingot onto a Smithing Table. This will allow you to combine them to make a Netherite Sword.

    Smithing Tables can be made pretty easily. To do so, you’ll need to put 4 Wood Planks onto a Crafting Table in a square shape. Then, put 2 Iron Ingots above this square to finish your Smithing Table.

    However, you’ll have a tough time getting Netherite Ingots. If you want to make some, you’ll need to find 4 Ancient Debris and then smelt them into 4 Netherite Scraps by using a Furnace before combining them with 4 Gold Ingots. The crafting recipe has the 4 Netherite Scraps filling the top row with 3 and the middle-left slot with the last 1. After that, fill the rest of the Crafting Table slots with the 4 Gold Ingots while leaving the bottom-right slot empty. Alternatively, you can try to find already made Netherite Ingots in Bastion Remnants Chests. Either way, it will be a dangerous task that will lead you into the Nether.

    How to Make an Enchanted Sword

    The book floating above the black, cyan, and burgundy enchanting table is open. The enchanting table is on a floor of black tiles and is surrounded by bookshelves.

    To enchant a Sword, you will have to use either an Enchanting Table or an Anvil. When using an Enchanting Table, you will need to place the Sword you want to enchant onto the Enchanting Table along with some Lapis Lazuli. In addition to these components, you’ll also need to spend levels-worth of Experience, depending on how many Bookshelves you have nearby powering up your Enchanting Table. The type of enchantments that you can get from this method is mostly randomized. However, you can use Books to “use up” unwanted enchantments so that new ones will appear the next time you try to enchant an item.

    When you use an Anvil to enchant a Sword, you’ll need to place the desired Sword onto the Anvil as well as an Enchanted Book. The enchantment you want to place onto the Sword will come directly from the Enchanted Book that you use. This process will cost you Experience as well, though not as much as when using an Enchanting Table.

    Types of Enchantments That You Can Put Onto a Sword

    • Fire Aspect: enemies that are hit will catch fire
    • Looting: increases the number of item drops from enemies as well as increases the appearance of rare drops
    • Unbreaking: gives a chance for the Sword to not lose durability when hitting something
    • Sharpness: increases damage done to everything
    • Smite: increases damage done to undead enemies
    • Bane of Arthropods: increases damage done to arthropod enemies
    • Knockback: increases how far enemies get knocked back when hit
    • Sweeping Edge (Java Edition-only): increases the damage of sweep attacks
    • Mending (Anvil-only): restores durability by absorbing Experience Orbs
    • Curse of Vanishing: causes the Sword to despawn when you die