The player making brick in a furnace on the left. On the right, they are digging clay up from a riverbed while underwater.

How to Make Bricks in Minecraft

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Bricks are a kind of decorative block in Minecraft that is easy to confuse with the ingredients used to make them. Those ingredients, called Brick, are made from Clay. Making this material will also require a Furnace.

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    How to Make Brick

    The player cooking some clay in a furnace to make brick. There is coal fueling the furnace.

    To make Brick, you’ll need to put lumps of raw Clay into a Furnace. This makes the Clay harden into a rectangular form. Wait until the white arrow fully fills up and then you can take the finished Brick out of the Furnace.

    Trading With Villagers for Brick

    You can also buy Brick from Villagers if you pay them with Emeralds. Novice-level Stone Masons will sell you a bunch of Brick for a single Emerald. In the Bedrock Edition of the game, these traders offer 16 Brick, while in the Java Edition, they will only give you 10 for the same price.

    Where to Find Clay

    The player swimming underwater and looking at some clay blocks. They have a shovel in their hand and are about to dig up some clay.

    Clay is found on riverbeds and in other underwater areas. It can be hard to tell apart from Sand, as they both have similar textures. Furthermore, the bluish tinge of the water makes the colors easy to mistake. However, Clay blocks have a bluish-gray coloring and will drop multiple lumps of Clay when broken. The tool that mines Clay blocks the fastest are shovels, so bring one of these when harvesting it.

    The Difference Between Brick and Bricks (Brick Blocks)

    Multiple bricks blocks in a line on some grass.

    Bricks, sometimes called Brick Blocks, are decorative items that can be made with 4 Brick. To make 1 Bricks, you need to put 4 Brick onto a Crafting Table in a square pattern. There are a few further crafting recipes that need Bricks. Though they are similar to the variations that you can make from Stone.

    What You Can Make With Bricks

    You can make 4 different items with Bricks, and the first is the Banner Pattern Field Masoned. It’s crafted by combining a piece of Paper with 1 Bricks in a crafting grid. This item is only in the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft.

    Like with Stone, you can make slabs, stairs, and walls with Bricks. To make Brick Slabs, place 3 Bricks blocks in a horizontal line to fill 3 slots of a Crafting Table. This will give you 6 Brick Slabs when you are finished.

    To craft Brick Stairs, you must completely fill a Crafting Table with Bricks blocks except for the top-middle, the top-right, and the middle-right slots. This process will yield 4 Brick Stairs.

    Lastly, Brick Walls can be made if you fill the 2 bottom rows of a Crafting Table with 6 Bricks blocks total. Afterward, you will get 6 Brick Walls.

    Using a Stonecutter on Bricks

    If you want an alternate way to make Brick Slabs, Brick Stairs, and Brick Walls, you can use a Stonecutter instead of a Crafting Table. Every Bricks block you place into a Stonecutter can give you either 2 Brick Slabs, 1 Brick Stair, or 1 Brick Wall. For this reason, using a Stonecutter is more efficient at converting Bricks into another item.

    The Properties of Bricks

    This type of block has the same hardness as Cobblestone. This means that it will take the same amount of time to break when mining. Similarly, the best tool for breaking Bricks is a pickaxe.