What Does a Fletching Table Do in Minecraft?

Currently, the only function for a Fletching Table in Minecraft is to give an unemployed Villager a profession. Such Villagers that interact with a Fletching Table will become a Fletcher, who you can then trade with for goods.

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    What You Need to Make a Fletching Table

    Making a fletching table with 4 wooden planks and 2 flint.

    You can easily put together a Fletching Table with some basic resources. First, you’ll need 4 Wood Planks. You’ll also need 2 Flint for this recipe. When you have those, use a Crafting Table to assemble your Fletching Table. Place the 4 Wood Planks in a square and then put the 2 Flint on top of it. Doing this properly will leave 3 empty slots in either the far left or far-right column.

    How to Get Wood Planks

    It’s easy for you to craft Wood Planks from Wood Logs. Every 1 Wood Log can be converted into 4 Wood Planks by using any crafting grid. It’s worth mentioning that you can use any kind of Wood Planks to make a Fletching Table. You can even use different kinds of Wood Planks at the same time, and the recipe will still work.

    How to Get Flint

    When you’re mining Gravel, there is a 10% chance that each block will drop 1 Flint alongside 1 block of Gravel. As such, if you need Flint, the fastest way to get some is to dig up a bunch of Gravel.

    How to Use a Fletching Table to Change a Villager’s Profession

    A fletching table placed in a corner. It is yellow and has a target on it as well as an arrow.

    If you want to trade with a Fletcher, but there are none in the nearest Village, you can use a Fletching Table to recruit one. Every time that an unemployed Villager comes into contact with a Fletching Table, there is a chance that they will turn into a Fletcher. Physical contact is important, so it may be best to be kind of pushy when recruiting a Fletcher.

    Quick and Easy Steps for Turning Unemployed Villagers Into Fletchers

    1. Go into a Villager’s house at night when they are sleeping in their bed and barricade all exits
    2. Place a Fletching Table next to the Villager’s bed
    3. Surround the Villager and the Fletching Table with blocks so that the Villager can’t move away from the Fletching table
    4. Wake the Villager up and wait until the frequent contact with the Fletching Table converts them into a Fletcher
    5. Trade with the Fletcher as desired

    The Future Usage of the Fletching Table

    There may not be any more to the Fletching Table right now than turning unemployed Villagers into Fletchers, however, this may not always be the case. There is a bug in the Spectator Mode of Minecraft that allows you to briefly interact with a Fletching Table. This small window will let you see a crafting grid that’s identical to that of a Crafting Table. This makes it seem like, in a future update, Fletching Tables will gain a new function. It seems likely that if this is implemented, it will mean that Fletching Tables will let you make more kinds of items. Due to this block’s relation to Bows and Arrows, it would make sense for such a future update to add more crafting recipes for ranged weapons.

    A fletching table sitting in a corner. It is yellow and has a red and white target on it.