On the left, the player is making a flower pot on a crafting table. On the right, there is a red mushroom in a flower pot. There is a red arrow pointing from the left image to the right one.

How to Make a Flower Pot in Minecraft

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As a mostly decorative item, Flower Pots can make any area look nicer in Minecraft. Crafting one is relatively straightforward and you’ll need only some basic ingredients, such as Clay, as well as certain tools to craft Flower Pots.

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    What You Need to Craft a Flower Pot

    The player making a flower pot on a crafting table with 3 brick.

    To craft a Flower Pot, all you will need is 3 Brick and a Crafting Table. Brick is a building material that is different from the decorative item known as Bricks (also known as Brick Blocks). Place the 3 Brick in a ‘V’ shape, with the bottom of the ‘V’ being in the middle slot of the Crafting Table.

    How to Make Brick

    Brick is made by putting Clay into a Furnace and cooking it like how you would cook food items. Every 1 lump of Clay cooked this way will give you 1 Brick. The cooking time is the same as for food, and the cooking process can be tracked by watching the white arrow in the Furnace menu fill up.

    Where to Get Clay

    You can often find lots of Clay blocks underwater, like in riverbeds or at the bottom of lakes. They can be identified by their bluish-gray coloring. Clay blocks can be most easily mined with a shovel, similar to Sand and Gravel. Every time you break a Clay block, it will drop multiple lumps of Clay.

    Where You Can Find Naturally Spawned Flower Pots

    Sometimes, Flower Pots can spawn in randomly-generated structures and therefore can be looted. When you find one, these randomly-generated Flower Pots will have different plants in them depending on where they’re found. Here’s where you can find Flower Pots:

    • Witch Huts
    • Igloos
    • Woodland Mansions
    • Villager Houses

    How to Use Flower Pots

    The player looking at a red mushroom that has been placed into a flower pot. The flower pot is sitting at the base of a giant mushroom's stalk.

    Despite their name hinting otherwise, Flower Pots can be used to plant more than just flowers. You can plant mushrooms, saplings, and much more in them. However, you can’t insert just any kind of plant into Flower Pots, which can be a bit confusing.

    To put a plant into a Flower Pot, hold the desired bit of vegetation in your hand and then use it on the Flower Pot. You can get the plant back out in the same manner. If your break a Flower Pot while there is a plant inside, you will get both the Flower Pot and the plant as drops.

    Plants That You Can Put Into Flower Pots

    • Any kind of flower
    • Any kind of fungi
    • Any kind of tree sapling (will not grow into a tree)
    • Bamboo
    • Cactus
    • Dead Bush
    • Fern
    • Roots

    Placing and Breaking Flower Pots

    You can easily place a Flower Pot on the ground by using it while it’s in your hand. Simply point at the spot you want to place the Flower Pot and click the ‘use’ button, which will vary depending on the platform you’re playing on. You can break a Flower Pot by using an empty hand or any kind of item, which will cause it to drop itself for easy pick-up.

    Interesting Uses for Flower Pots

    While you can use Flower Pots as lovely decorative items around your home and other areas, they have other uses as well.

    Firstly, you can step on a Flower Pot without needing to jump onto it, as they are 3/8ths of a block high. You can’t use them like how you would use stairs or slabs to walk onto 1-block-high surfaces, although, you can use them to jump onto a fence, which is normally impossible to do from the ground.

    Next, when you plant a Cactus or a Wither Rose in a Flower Pot, these plants lose their natural ability to hurt you on contact. As such, you won’t have to fear being around these blocks if you want to use them for decoration.

    Lastly, you can use Warped Fungus placed into Flower Pots to ward away Hoglins, as these foul monsters hate Warped Fungus.