A bunch of mob heads attached to a ceiling with chains.

How to Make Chains in Minecraft

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If you want to give your Minecraft base a different vibe, you can use Chains for many design choices. These metallic decorative items are pretty easy to make and intuitive to use. All you need is some iron.

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    What You Need to Make Chains

    Using 1 iron ingot and 2 iron nuggets to make a chain.

    You will need 1 Iron Ingot and 2 Iron Nuggets to make 1 Chain. Since 9 Iron Nuggets can be made from 1 Iron Ingot placed by itself on a Crafting Table, Chains aren’t too expensive to make if you have metal to spare.

    The most common way to get lots of Iron Ingots is to smelt them from Raw Iron, which you can mine from Iron Ore Blocks. For every 1 Raw Iron you smelt, you’ll get 1 Iron Ingot. Iron Ingots can also be found in the Chests of many different structures. Furthermore, they can drop from some common mobs like Zombies on rare occasions.

    Where You Can Find Chains

    There are also chances for you to find Chains as part of naturally-generated structures and in Chests as loot. The most common places to find Chains in the overworld are Mineshafts, with Chains appearing above bridges. The Chains often extend upward to the ceiling above the bridge. Additionally, you can find Chains a lot in Bastion Remnants and Ruined Portals—both of which are in the Nether.

    In terms of Chest loot, 2 to 10 Chains have a chance of appearing in Bastion Remnant Chests 24.4% of the time. This is the case in both the Bedrock Edition and the Java Edition of the game.

    What You Can Do With Chains

    A chain holding up an amethyst block.

    Chains only serve a decorative function in Minecraft. However, in that regard, you can use them in any way you see fit. Firstly, you should know that Chains aren’t affected by gravity, despite being able to make otherwise seem true. You can change the position of a Chain so that it connects different areas of 2 blocks. As such, Chains can be placed vertically and horizontally for versatile aesthetic choices.