How to Make Shears in Minecraft

A player shearing a white sheap for its wool. There is a brown sheep nearby.

Despite not being useful for getting wood or ore blocks, Shears are useful in Minecraft for a variety of important tasks. You can make a pair of Shears with only a couple of Iron Ingots.

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    What You Need to Make Shears

    Using 2 iron ingots to make shears.

    Out of all the tools you can make in Minecraft, Shears are arguably the simplest to craft. All you need to make a pair of Shears are 2 Iron Ingots. Place them diagonally to one another on any crafting grid and you’ll get a fresh pair of metal Shears. Iron Ingots can be made from Raw Iron, which is mined from Iron Ore blocks. For each 1 Raw Iron that you smelt in a Furnace, you’ll get 1 Iron Ingot.

    What You Can Do With Shears

    The player holding a pair of shears and looking at a vine.

    Shears can be used to collect many kinds of blocks that you cannot mine with other tools. All kinds of Vines, Kelp, Leaf Blocks, and more can be gathered by using Shears on them. This allows you to add tons of vegetation anywhere you want. Furthermore, if you use Shears on certain blocks, you can get their drops without breaking anything—or even get rare drops that you can’t obtain any other way.

    Mobs and Blocks That You Can Shear for Drops

    • If you use Shears on a Sheep, it will drop 1 to 3 Wool blocks
    • When you use Shears on a Mooshroom, it will drop 5 Mushrooms and will turn into a regular Cow
    • By using a pair of Shears on a Pumpkin, you can turn it into a Carved Pumpkin and get 4 Pumpkin Seeds
    • Snow Golems that you use Shears on will lose their Pumpkin helmet
    • When a Beehive or Bee Nest is full of honey, you can get 3 Honeycomb by using Shears on it

    Breaking Blocks With Shears

    In addition to the nature-related blocks mentioned, you can also use Shears to break certain obstacles efficiently. For example, while in a Mineshaft, it can be useful to have a pair of Shears handy due to them being the tool that breaks Cobwebs the fastest. Additionally, if you come across an active Tripwire, you can use Shears to break it without triggering the trap.