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Minecraft: How to Get the Sweeping Edge Enchantment (and What it Does)

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Key Takeaway

The best way to find the Sweeping Edge enchantment is to place a Sword into an Enchanting Table. However, you can also find Enchanted Books with Sweeping Edge in various places.

To get the Sweeping Edge enchantment, you’ll need to play the Java Edition of Minecraft. This enchantment doesn’t currently appear in the Bedrock edition of the game. Furthermore, it’s one you can only put on Swords.

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    How to Find the Sweeping Edge Enchantment

    A view of the enchantment table menu where there is a diamond sword and some lapis lazuli in it.

    The Sweeping Edge enchantment follows the same spawning criteria as other enchantments. As such, you can get it in the same ways you get others. Sadly, there’s no way to directly get any enchantments—you’ll need a bit of luck, regardless of your chosen method.

    With that said, trying to enchant a Sword on an Enchanting Table will give you the best chance of finding the Sweeping Edge enchantment.

    Using an Enchanting Table to Get the Sweeping Edge Enchantment

    When you use an Enchanting Table, you’ll see 3 different possible enchantments. Since Sweeping Edge can only be applied to a Sword, your best bet is to put a Sword into the leftmost Enchanting Table slot.

    It’s also possible to get the Sweeping Edge enchantment to appear when placing a Book on your Enchanting Table. But this method will make all kinds of enchantments appear; not just Sword-specific ones. For this reason, it’s better to use a Sword instead of a Book while searching for the Sweeping Edge enchantment.

    There are 3 levels of the Sweeping Edge enchantment, with the higher levels appearing only if you are at a higher experience level. Max-level enchantments will only become selectable if you are at level 30 or higher. Furthermore, keep in mind that you need Lapis Lazuli to enchant an item on an Enchanting Table—and 3 Lapis for the highest level enchantments.

    If you want to clear the current enchantments out of your Enchanting Table, you’ll have to enchant something. Doing so will get the enchantment options to refresh. A great way to refresh your Enchanting Table is to enchant a Book.

    Finding an Enchanted Book With the Sweeping Edge Enchantment

    There are many structures that contain Enchanted Books as loot in their Chests. The 2 types of structures that can have Enchanted Books that possess the highest level of enchantment are Jungle Temples and Strongholds.

    However, there are 7 other types of structures that can contain Enchanted Books as loot in their Chests. Although, these Enchanted Books will be at random levels. Here’s a list of such structures:

    • Ancient City
    • Desert Temple
    • Dungeon
    • Mineshaft
    • Pillager Outpost
    • Underwater Ruin
    • Woodland Mansion

    It’s also possible to find Enchanted Books while fishing. The odds of reeling one in are about 0.8% per cast. Furthermore, while these Enchanted Books will be at high levels, there’s no way to predict what enchantments you’ll get this way.

    If you want to do some trading, you can potentially find Enchanted Books when dealing with Librarian Villagers. For the best chances of finding a Librarian with Enchanted Books, you’ll want to speak with an expert-level Librarian. Such Villagers can have up to 4 different Enchanted Books for sale. Though, it should be mentioned that the prices of Enchanted Books will vary greatly and can be quite expensive (5 to 64 Emeralds for a single Enchanted Book).

    Furthermore, during raids, Pillagers ad Vindicators have a small chance to drop Enchanted Books. And, when they do, these Enchanted Books will be high-level.

    What Sweeping Edge Does

    A player swinging a diamond sword in third-person view in a field.

    This enchantment increases how much damage you deal when you use a sweep attack while wielding a Sword in combat. At higher levels, this enchantment will allow you to deal slightly more sweep attack damage per level. The maximum level for Sweeping Edge is 3.

    What is a Sweep Attack?

    Sweep attacks are a mechanic that is currently only present in the Java Edition of Minecraft. While you have a Sword in your hand, you’ll see a small sword icon. When this icon—called the recharge meter—is 85% full (or more), you’ll automatically do a sweep attack while swinging your Sword if you are standing still or are walking.

    A sweep attack will allow you to hit multiple foes at once and will create a horizontal slash animation when used. However, you cannot perform a sweep attack while you are jumping, sprinting, or riding a mob. Furthermore, you cannot perform a sweeping attack while other kinds of attacks are happening (such as critical attacks or running attacks).

    In terms of damage, sweep attacks deal half a Heart of damage to all mobs within 1 block of the Sword’s wielder. Sweep attacks also have a small knockback effect that is slightly less powerful than the Knockback 1 enchantment.