Every kind of door lined up on a beach.

Minecraft: How to Make Every Kind of Door

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Key Takeaway

To make a Wooden Door, you’ll need 6 Wooden Planks of the same type. And, for an Iron Door, you’ll need 6 Iron Ingots. On a Crafting Table, you’ll need to arrange your chosen material in a 2×3 shape.

The look of your base can be pretty important in Minecraft, as you’ll be spending lots of time there. If you want to make the nicest entrances, be sure to use the ideal type of material for your Doors.

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    How to Make All Kinds of Wooden Doors

    Making Birch Door on a Crafting Table with 6 Birch Wood Blocks.

    The recipe to make Wooden Doors is pretty simple. You’ll need 6 Wooden Planks of the same type to make a particular kind of Wooden Door. On a Crafting Table, fill up all the slots except for the rightmost column. This will give you 3 Wooden Doors of the chosen variety.

    Unlike many other wooden items, you’ll need to use the exact same type of wood for each kind of Wooden Door. Mixing and matching different types of Wooden Planks will not let you create a Wooden Door.

    How to Make Wooden Planks

    To make Wooden Planks, you’ll have to put Wooden Logs into some sort of crafting grid. This can be done on a Crafting Table, however, you can also do this in your inventory screen’s 2×2 crafting grid. Every 1 Wooden Log will give you 4 Wooden Planks of the same type.

    Where to Find All Types of Wood

    The player in creative mode flying over a Savannah Biome at dusk. There are green hills and Acacia trees everywhere.

    You’ll need to cut down trees or huge fungi in order to get Wooden Logs or Stems from them. Each biome has different types of trees. As such, certain types of wood can only be obtained from specific biomes. Furthermore, Crimson Stems and Warped Stems can only be found in The Nether.

    Oak Logs

    Oak trees are the most common type in the game. As such, you’ll have no problem locating them in most cases. Oak trees are a medium brown in color. Here are the biomes that have Oak trees:

    • Bamboo Jungle
    • Dark Forest
    • Forest
    • Jungle
    • Meadow
    • Plains
    • River
    • Savanna
    • Sparse Jungle
    • Swamp
    • Windswept Forest
    • Wooded Badlands

    Spruce Logs

    Spruce trees are a very dark brown in color and look much like real-life pine trees. In this regard, they can spawn looking a lot like Christmas trees with a cone-shaped leaf block distribution. Here are the biomes that have Spruce trees:

    • Old Growth Pine Taiga
    • Old Growth Spruce Taiga
    • Snowy Plains
    • Snowy Taiga
    • Taiga
    • Windswept Forest

    Birch Logs

    Birch trees are fairly common, though not as common as Oak trees. They are easily recognizable due to their white and black bark which resembles the skin of many real-life cow breeds. Here are the biomes that have Birch trees:

    • Birch Forest
    • Dark Forest
    • Forest
    • Meadow
    • Old Growth Birch Forest

    Jungle Logs

    Although Jungle trees can grow to huge proportions, they’ll be pretty hard to find. This is due to Jungle biomes—and their variants—being one of the rarest in the game. Jungle trees have a dark brown color, but not as dark as Spruce trees. Furthermore, Jungle trees are usually covered by many Vines. Here are the biomes that have Jungle trees:

    • Bamboo Jungle
    • Jungle
    • Sparse Jungle

    Acacia Logs

    Acacia trees will also be fairly tough to find, as they only spawn in a single type of biome. However, the biome they spawn in is more common than Jungle biomes and can stretch for massive distances. You can tell an Acacia tree apart from other trees by its flat leaf block generation. In terms of color, the outside of Acacia trees is a mid-tone brown, but with an orange tinge. Here is the biome that has Acacia trees:

    • Savanna

    Dark Oak Logs

    Arguably rarer than Jungle trees, Dark Oak trees can be really hard to find. They only spawn in a single type of biome that itself is more like a sub-biome. Dark Oak trees look much like Oak trees but have much darker bark. Although, their bark is still a bit lighter in color than that of Spruce trees. Here is the biome that has Dark Oak trees:

    • Dark Forest

    Crimson Stems

    Crimson Stems can only be harvested from the huge fungi that grow in The Nether. As such, you’ll need to make a Nether Portal and head to this lava-filled dimension to find some. The huge fungi that drop Crimson Stems are dark red in color. Here is the Nether biome that has dark red huge fungi:

    • Crimson Forest

    Warped Stems

    Similar to Crimson Stems, you can also only get Warped Stems from the huge fungi that grow in The Nether. However, Warped Stems need to be harvested from huge fungi that are dark green in color. Here is the Nether biome that has dark green huge fungi:

    • Warped Forest

    How to Make Iron Doors

    Making Iron Doors on a Crafting Table with 6 Iron Ingots.

    The recipe and crafting output for making Iron Doors are pretty much identical to when you make a Wooden Door. However, in place of Wooden Planks, you’ll need Iron Ingots. On a Crafting Table, you’ll need to fill every slot except for the rightmost column with Iron Ingots. This recipe will net you 3 Iron Doors.

    How to Make Iron Ingots

    To make Iron Ingots, you’ll need to smelt Raw Iron in a Furnace. To do so, place the Raw Iron in the top slot of a Furnace and some fuel (like Charcoal or Wooden Planks) in the bottom slot. Raw Iron is the resource that drops from Iron Ore blocks—which are ore blocks that have brown spots. You can find Iron Ore blocks underground or in exposed pits.

    Can You Make Doors From Other Types of Valuable Ore?

    No, you cannot make doors from other types of rare minerals. Iron Ingots are the only mineral resource that you can use to make doors in vanilla Minecraft. This is unfortunate, as Gold, Diamond, and even Emerald Doors would look amazing!

    How to Use Doors

    Many open wooden doors lined up on a beach next to a closed iron door.

    All Wooden Doors can be opened and closed by interacting with them directly. However, to open an Iron Door, you’ll need a Button, Lever, or Pressure Plate. Thankfully, for the latter kind of Door, you don’t need any Redstone. An adjacent Button, Lever, or Pressure Plate will suffice.

    How to Place Doors

    You can only place a Door on an opaque and solid block. That means that you cannot place a Door on a Glass block or any variant of a Glass block. Furthermore, you cannot place a Door on a Sign, Grass block, or another type of block that you can pass through.

    In order to place a Door successfully, you will have to place it on top of a valid kind of block. You cannot attach a Door directly to a wall or ceiling.

    The Difference Between an Open Door and a Closed Door

    Doors are solid objects, even when in the open position. A closed Door will act much like a 1×2 column of solid blocks. However, when opened, the hinge side of a Door will take up 0.1875 blocks.

    You, as the player, can pass through an open Door easily. And the same is true for humanoid mobs like Villagers and Zombies. Conversely, wider mobs, such as Cows and Horses, will not be able to pass through a single open Door easily unless there is more horizontal room. With this in mind, you’ll have to make sure not to use a single Door in your barns and other animal-related areas.

    Doors as Barriers

    Despite being made from flammable and meltable materials, all kinds of Doors are immune to fire and lava damage when placed. Therefore, this can make them great to use in traps and moats of all kinds.

    However, Doors are not indestructible! On Hard Mode, Zombies can break down Wooden Doors by banging on them. This means that you are not safe at night, even if you close your Wooden Door. Although, Zombies cannot break down Iron Doors. If you want to stay safe from these undead home intruders, be sure to use an Iron Door for your base when playing on Hard Mode.