The player looking at a scarecrow with 3 different FoV settings. The left is zoomed out, the middle is the default setting, and the right image is zoomed in closely.

How to Zoom in Minecraft

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While playing Minecraft, you may find that you can’t quite see as far as you’d like. Thankfully, you can change this in the settings or even by using a specific item. Zooming in a bit can help to clarify things.

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    How to Zoom In and Out in Minecraft

    Left image is the scree zoomed in on a scarecrow while the right image is a zoomed out shot of the same scarecrow. The scarecrow is a jack o'lantern on an armor stand.

    Since Minecraft appears on many different consoles, the way to zoom in and out will differ slightly from version to version. However, if this setting is available in the version you’re playing, it will usually be in the “Options” or “Settings” menu and nestled in the “Video” sub-menu (or the platform equivalent). There will be a slider or some way to change the value.

    About Your Field of Vision (FoV) Range

    Your FoV value will, by default, be somewhere in the middle of the possible range. For example, in some versions of the game, the FoV range is from 30 to 110, but it is set to 60 by default. Lowering your FoV will zoom in your camera view while raising it will cause your camera to zoom out.

    How to Zoom in With a Spyglass

    Making a spyglass with 2 copper ingots and 1 amethyst shard.

    If you don’t want to mess around with your settings, you can instead use a Spyglass to zoom in and out. But first, you’ll have to make one. To craft a Spyglass, you’ll need 2 Copper Ingots and 1 Amethyst Shard. On a Crafting Table, place all of the components on the middle column of slots with the Amethyst Shard at the top.

    How to Get Amethyst Shards

    Amethyst Shards are dropped when you mine Amethyst Clusters. Whenever you do so, you’ll get 4 shards if you mine a cluster with a Pickaxe. However, you will only get 2 shards by breaking a cluster any other way.

    You can find Amethyst Clusters in Amethyst Geodes, which are large and round structures that have a 4.2% chance of spawning in any overworld chunk. Amethyst Geodes spawn between layers 64 and 30, so you can potentially find them on the surface or even in the shallow parts of Ocean biomes.

    How to Get Copper Ingots

    The main way you can get Copper Ingots is by smelting Raw Copper in a Furnace. Each piece of Raw Copper will give you 1 Copper Ingot. You can mine Raw Copper from Copper Ore blocks, although only with a Stone Pickaxe or better. If mined with the proper tool, each block of Copper Ore will give you from 2 to 5 Raw Copper. Copper Ore blocks have a very wide spawning range and can be found between layers 1 and 96. However, they are the most common on layers 47 and 48.

    Alternatively, you can also get Copper Ingots as drops from Drowned mobs. These variants of Zombies are found in lakes and rivers. When you defeat a Drowned, there is an 11% chance for them to drop 1 Copper Ingot.

    How to Use a Spyglass

    After you craft a Spyglass, put it in your hotbar and then hold it in your hand. When you use it then, it will cause your vision to zoom in on wherever you are looking. This acts the same way as changing your FoV in the settings, but quicker, easier, and with greater zooming. By adjusting your FoV setting in the menu, you can’t go below 30.

    However, when you look through your Spyglass, you will always zoom in to 10% of your current FoV. For example, if your FoV is set to 60, your zoom level when you look through a Spyglass will be 6. As such, you’ll be able to see things much further away with a Spyglass.