Froglights in Minecraft.

Minecraft: How to Get Froglights

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Key Takeaway

Froglights drop from Frogs after they eat small Magma Cubes. The kind of Froglight you get depends on the type of Frog. Temperate-climate (orange) Frogs give you Ochre (yellow) Froglights, cold-climate (green) Frogs give you Verdant (green) Froglights, and warm-climate (white) Frogs give you Pearlescent (pinkish-purple) Froglights.

To get Froglights in Minecraft, you’ll need to get Frogs to interact with a specific type of mob. This can be tricky, as the mobs you need to feed to Frogs to get Froglights do not spawn in the Overworld.

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    What You Need to Do to Get Froglights From Frogs

    A player trying to get Froglights by feeding small Magma Cubes to a white Frog.

    To get a Frog to drop Froglights, you need to get them close enough to a small Magma Cube for the Frog to attack and eat it. Frogs will only go after small Magma Cubes and will ignore medium and large ones. All colors of Frog can eat small Magma Cubes.

    Which Frogs Give You Which Types of Froglights

    There are three types of Frogs in Minecraft. There are temperate-climate Frogs which are orange, cold-climate Frogs which are green, and warm-climate Frogs which are white.

    Temperate-climate Frogs will drop Ochre Froglights, which are yellow. Cold-climate Frogs will drop Verdant Froglights, which are green. And warm-climate Frogs will drop Pearlescent Froglights, which are pink-purple in color.

    Tips for Getting a Frog to Eat Magma Cubes

    An orange Frog on a Lead that has been brought through a Nether Portal into the Nether.

    While it’s easy enough to spawn Magma Cubes in the Overworld when playing in Creative Mode, things are not as simple in Survival Mode. You cannot use a Lead on a Magma Cube to bring it through a Nether Portal. Magma Cubes will break Leads when they get far enough away from you. However, this is not true for Frogs.

    Frogs are much more cooperative while on a Lead. Simply snare one and then pull them into a Nether Portal to get your Frog to enter the sinister dimension. From here, you’ll need to explore the Nether in hopes of finding a Magma Cube to feed to your Frog. Just remember that Frogs can only eat small Magma Cubes.

    Here are the Nether biomes where Magma Cubes can spawn:

    Can You Breed Frogs in The Nether?

    You cannot breed Frogs in the Nether as there is no water in this dimension. Frogs need water blocks in order to lay their eggs (Frogspawn). Furthermore, the Tadpoles that hatch from the eggs need to live in water for a full day in-game before they are ready to turn into adult Frogs.

    What Froglights Are Used For

    A frog statue made from Waxed Oxidized Cut Copper and Verdant Froglights.

    The only function of Froglights is to produce light. They give off a light level of 15, which is as bright as a block can be in Minecraft. For this reason, such blocks are great for illuminating areas.

    Lighting is important for farming, mob spawning, and much more. As such, you can use these brilliant blocks for many things. Due to their unique texture and coloration, you can also use them for plenty of decorative purposes as well.