What Do Cats Eat in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, Cats will only eat Raw Salmon or Raw Cod. Cats will not eat Cooked Salmon or Cooked Cod, despite their increased value as food. Furthermore, felines will not eat Pufferfish. You’ll need fish for taming and breeding Cats.

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    How to Get Raw Salmon and Raw Cod

    A yellow cat with blue eyes walking on top of a long chest.

    Raw Salmon and Raw Cod can be easily obtained by fishing in any water. The best method is to use a Fishing Rod, which you can make from 2 Strings and 3 Sticks. Firstly, on a Crafting Table, place the 3 Sticks in a diagonal line, filling the bottom-left slot, the centermost slot, and the top-right slot. Then, fill the remaining 2 slots of the right column with the 2 Strings.

    Tips for Catching Salmon and Cod with a Fishing Rod

    After you cast your line into some water, keep an eye out for bubble trails. These trails will show you how close a fish is to biting, and will appear between 5 to 30 seconds after your bobber hits the water. If you don’t see any trails of bubbles within a few seconds of casting your line, retract your line and cast again. This will reset the chance for a shorter wait time, as the game will always randomly pick a time between 5 and 30 seconds for a fish to bite.

    How to Catch Salmon and Cod Without a Fishing Rod

    Since fish physically appear as mobs underwater, you can hunt them like how you do Cows and Pigs. You can easily swim up to some fish and hit them with any kind of Sword to obtain them as drops. Fish have very low max HP, so you should be able to take them out in a single swing, even with a Wooden Sword.

    What Happens When You Feed Raw Salmon and Raw Cod to Cats

    The main reasons to feed a Cat Raw Salmon or Raw Cod is for taming or breeding. You can tame Stray Cats that you find in and around Villages by feeding them fish. You’ll have to be very careful, as Stray Cats are very shy. Let them come to you by staying still and holding a fish in your hand. This will let you get within range to feed them much easier. There is a 33% chance for a Stray Cat to become tamed after feeding them. As such, you should bring multiple fish with you when trying to tame a Cat. When a Cat is successfully tamed, it will emit red hearts above its head and a red collar will appear around its neck.

    Breeding Cats

    Feeding a Cat also gets them to enter love mode, which you can trigger by feeding them more raw fish. Red hearts will appear above their head once more, but this time, if they are near another Cat that is also in love mode, the couple will mate. This will involve the pair of Cats nuzzling briefly before separating. A few seconds later, a kitten will spawn next to one of the parent Cats. Kittens born from tamed parents will also be tamed.

    Feeding Kittens

    If you feed Raw Salmon or Raw Cod to a kitten, it will grow 10% closer to adulthood. This is also true for Ocelot kittens. If you wanted, you could easily get a kitten to reach adulthood with 10 raw fish.

    A yellow cat with blue eyes sitting on a chest. They have red hearts above their head.