A short line consisting of Cobblestone on the left, regular Stone in the middle, and Smooth Stone on the right.

Minecraft: How to Make Smooth Stone

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Key Takeaway

To make Smooth Stone, you’ll first need to smelt Cobblestone in a Furnace—which will create regular Stone. Afterward, smelt regular Stone in the furnace to create Smooth Stone.

To make a few special items in Minecraft, you’ll need some Smooth Stone. Furthermore, it’s a pretty nice-looking building material. To make some, all you’ll need is Cobblestone and a Furnace…and some fuel for your Furnace, of course.

Table Of Contents

    Step #1 – Smelt Cobblestone Blocks Into Stone Blocks

    The player smelting cobblestone in a furnace to make stone.

    Unless you have a Pickaxe with Silk Touch, you won’t be able to get regular Stone blocks in most cases. As such, you’ll need to start with Cobblestone. To get Cobblestone, simply mine any Stone blocks you find. Mining Stone will cause it to drop as Cobblestone.

    Place your Cobblestone in the top slot of a Furnace and then place any kind of fuel in the bottom slot of the Furnace—like Charcoal or Wooden Planks. Every time the white progress arrow fills up, a block of Cobblestone will turn into a block of regular Stone and will appear in the right slot.

    How to Make a Furnace

    To craft a Furnace, you can fill every slot of a Crafting Table with Cobblestone except for the centermost slot. This recipe will give you 1 Furnace. To use the Furnace, you’ll need to place it anywhere and then insert fuel into the bottom slot.

    You can use Coal, Charcoal, any wooden block (including wooden items), or Lava Buckets as fuel for your Furnace. Out of all of these options, Lava Buckets by far last the longest. Thankfully, using Lava Buckets to fuel your Furnace won’t consume the Bucket itself.

    Step #2 – Smelt Stone Blocks Into Smooth Stone Blocks

    The player smelting stone in a furnace to make smooth stone.

    After you refine your Cobblestone blocks into Stone blocks, take your Cobblestone out of the Furnace. Then, place your Stone blocks into the top slot of your Furnace while there’s fuel in the bottom slot.

    When the white progress arrow fills up this time, you’ll get blocks of Smooth Stone in the right slot. The ratio is pretty fair for this process, as for every 1 block of Cobblestone, you can make 1 block of Smooth Stone. However, this method does consume fuel, so be wary of your Coal and Charcoal supplies.

    The Uses for Smooth Stone

    An armor stand in a grassy area by some trees. The armor stand looks like a skeletal wooden mannequin with no head.

    There are only 2 crafting recipes that explicitly need Smooth Stone. The first is a Blast Furnace, which is a type of Furnace that smelts ore faster—albeit at a higher fuel cost. The other recipe is Smooth Stone Slabs. Besides being a fancy construction material, you also need 1 Smooth Stone Slab to make an Armor Stand.

    How to Make a Blast Furnace

    In order to craft a Blast Furnace, you’ll need 1 regular Furnace, 3 blocks of Smooth Stone, and 5 Iron Ingots. On a Crafting Table, place the regular Furnace in the centermost slot. Next, fill the bottom row with the 3 Smooth Stone. Lastly, fill all remaining slots with the 5 Iron Ingots.

    How to Make Smooth Stone Slabs

    There are multiple ways of making Smooth Stone Slabs from Smooth Stone blocks. When using a Crafting Table, you can fill any row with 3 Smooth Stone blocks to create 6 Smooth Stone Slabs.

    Alternatively, you can use a Stonecutter. If you do, for every 1 block of Smooth Stone you put into it, you’ll get 2 Smooth Stone Slabs. As such, the crafting ratio is the exact same as the Crafting Table method of creating Smooth Stone Slabs.

    How to Make an Armor Stand

    You’ll need 6 Sticks and 1 Smooth Stone Slab to assemble an Armor Stand. Start by placing the Smooth Stone Slab in the bottom-center slot of a Crafting Table. Afterward, fill all remaining slots with Sticks except for the middle-left and middle right ones.