An enchanted golden sword stored in an item frame.

How to Make an Item Frame in Minecraft

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Item Frames are great for decorating your base in Minecraft. When you place an Item Frame, you can put another item into it, making them also useful for storage. You can make Item Frames from a few simple ingredients.

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    What You Need to Make an Item Frame

    Making an item frame from 1 leather and 8 sticks.

    The item you will need the most is Sticks (8), however, you will also need Leather (1) to make an Item Frame. On a Crafting Table, put the 1 Leather on the centermost slot and then completely surround it with 8 Sticks. This crafting recipe will give you 1 Item Frame.

    How to Get Leather and Sticks

    It will be easiest for you to get Leather (up to 2) from hunting passive mobs, however, the aggressive Hoglins also have a chance to drop 1 Leather. Additionally, you have a 1% chance of reeling in 1 Leather instead of a fish while fishing. Here’s a list of all the mobs that drop Leather:

    How to Get an Item Frame Without Crafting It

    You can possibly find an Expert-level Cartographer Villager who will sell you 1 Item Frame for 7 Emeralds. However, since this trade is comparatively very expensive compared to other Villager trade options, it should be avoided unless you’re desperate for an Item Frame.

    In every End Ship structure that you can find in the End, there will be an Item Frame that contains a pair of Elytra. You can loot both the Elytra and the Item Frame, as well as the other goods aboard the ship.

    How to Make a Glow Item Frame

    There is another kind of Item Frame that you can make called a Glow Item Frame. As its name implies, it will glow continuously so that it and any item stored within the Glow Item Frame will always be visible, even at night. You can make a Glow Item Frame by combining a regular Item Frame and a Glow Ink Sac on a Crafting Table.

    To get Glow Ink Sacs, you will have to hunt down Glow Squids, which are a type of Squid that only spawn in dark underwater areas. Each Glow Squid that you slay will drop between 1 to 3 Glow Ink Sacs.

    What You Can Do With an Item Frame

    An empty item frame on the wall. It is a brown square with a yellow border.

    The main use for an Item Frame is to display individual items. To do so, you’ll first have to place the Item Frame onto a wall. Next, hold the item that you want to store in your hand and then place it into the Item Frame. This will cause your chosen item to appear in the Item Frame as the icon it’s usually represented as in your hotbar or inventory. You can get your item back by interacting with the Item Frame with the same key or button that you used to put the item into it.

    Rotating Items in Item Frames

    When you’re looking at an item stored inside of an Item Frame, you can rotate it through interaction. The specific button or key will vary depending on the platform you’re playing on. For example, if you’re playing Minecraft on a computer, you would use the right-click function of a mouse to rotate the item within an Item Frame.

    You can rotate the item within an Item Frame in 8 different directions, which includes diagonally positions. This is purely for aesthetic purposes, however, for the more creative interior designers, this opens up a world of decorating possibilities.

    Using an Item Frame to Display a Map

    If you put a Map into an Item Frame, it will fully display the contents of that map across the entire surface of the block that the Item Frame has been placed on. This allows you to mount readable Maps on any wall that you want. In addition to being cool to look at, this can also be useful for planning adventures.