On the left, the player is in full armor while riding a horse. On the right, the player is riding a horse with a saddle in first person view.

How to Get a Saddle in Minecraft

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If you want to ride around on a Horse, or another mob, in Minecraft, you’ll need a Saddle. However, they can be tricky to locate. Your best chance of getting a Saddle is to explore and find Chests.

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    Can You Make a Saddle In Minecraft?

    The player in full armor sitting on a white horse.

    No, you can’t make a Saddle in Minecraft. There are plenty of perfectly good resources that you could potentially use to make one, but there is no in-game crafting recipe to make a Saddle. This means that you will have to seek one out through exploration. There are many ways that you can find Saddles, whether it’s as loot in containers or other means.

    All the Ways That You Can Get a Saddle

    The player in full armor sitting on a donkey's back.

    The most common way that you can come across a Saddle is by searching through the Chests of different structures, however, there are other methods of tracking one down.

    All Possible Chest Spawn Rates for Saddles

    The easiest way to find a Saddle is to explore naturally generated structures and to loot the Chests you find within them. There are many different kinds of structures that can spawn a Saddle as loot. However, since the chances are always pretty low, you may get unlucky and have to search a lot of structures.

    Type of StructureChance of Finding a Saddle
    Bastion Remnant13.6%
    Desert Temple23.5%
    End City13.3%
    Jungle Temple12.9%
    Nether Fortress35.3%
    Village (Savanna House Chest)11.3%
    Village (Tanner's Chest)17.3%
    Village (Weaponsmith's Chest)16.2%

    Getting a Saddle by Fishing

    There is a 0.8% chance for you to reel in a Saddle as a treasure while fishing instead of pulling in a fish or some junk. This rate can be increased by enchanting your Fishing Rod. You can increase your odds of finding treasure items while fishing is with the enchantment known as  “Luck of the Sea,” which has 3 levels.

    • Level 1 Luck of the Sea – Saddle spawn chance while fishing is 1.2%
    • Level 2 Luck of the Sea – Saddle spawn chance while fishing is 1.5%
    • Level 3 Luck of the Sea – Saddle spawn chance while fishing is 1.9%

    Getting a Saddle by Trading With Villagers

    In the Java Edition of Minecraft, you can always buy 1 Saddle from a Master-level Leatherworker Villager at the cost of 6 Emeralds. However, in the Bedrock Edition of the game, there is only a 50% chance for Master-level Leatherworker Villagers to possess this trade option.

    Getting a Saddle as Mob Loot

    While in the Nether, you have a small chance to find a Strider that spawns with a Zombified Piglin riding it. This also causes a Saddle to spawn on the back of the Strider so that the Zombified Piglin can sit on its mount properly. If you take out the duo, you have an 8.5% chance to find the Saddle as a drop.

    During a raid, fearsome foes called Ravagers can spawn. These bull-like beasts have a Saddle on their backs. The Saddle is guaranteed to drop if a Ravager is defeated. However, Ravagers can sometimes be ridden by other enemies, like Pillagers, so they can become very tough to take down in battle.

    How to Use a Saddle

    The player riding on a white horse that is equipped with a saddle.

    To use a Saddle, you will have to place it on a mob that you want to ride. You can outfit a few different kinds of creatures with a Saddle.

    List of Mobs That You Can Ride With a Saddle

    • Donkeys
    • Horses
    • Mules
    • Pigs
    • Skeleton Horses
    • Striders

    For most of the mobs listed above, you can ride them after taming them and placing a Saddle on their backs. However, for Pigs and Striders, things work a bit differently. If you want to lead a Pig around, you will have to hold a Carrot on a Stick while riding it to point your mount where you want them to go. To craft a Carrot on a Stick, combine a Fishing Rod with a Carrot.

    The same is true for Striders, however, swap the Carrot on a Stick for Warped Fungus on a Stick. To craft a Warped Fungus on a Stick, combine a Fishing Rod with a Warped Fungus.

    About the Mobs That You Cannot Ride With a Saddle

    You can spot certain enemies riding a Ravager, and you are guaranteed to get a Saddle from defeating one, however, you cannot ride a Ravager yourself. This is a bit disappointing, as a Ravager would be a powerful steed.

    It’s also worth noting that despite being able to ride a Llama, you don’t need a Saddle to do so. Llamas have cloth saddles that are attached to their texture.