What is 110813 in Minecraft?

This number that appears as splash text on Minecraft‘s title screen is never explained in-game. It’s the date of Notch’s wedding, where he got married to Elin Zetterstrand. The numbers represent the year, month, and day.

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    What Do the Numbers in 110813 Mean?

    The title screen of Minecraft showing the main menu options. The number 110813 appears as yellow text in the top right of the screen.

    The number 110813 can be broken down to represent the date of Notch’s wedding in 3 smaller numbers; the year, the month, and the day. 11 represents 2011, the year of the marriage, while 08 means the 8th month in the year: August. Finally, the 13 means the 13th of August; the day of the wedding.

    About Notch and Elin’s Marriage

    Notch, whose real name is Markus Alexej Persson, was married to Elin Zetterstrand from August 13, 2011, until sometime in August 2012, when Notch announced that he was single again.

    About Elin Zetterstrand

    Elin is from Sweden, like Notch, and she is a computer programmer as well as an artist. In the Minecraft community, she is known by the username “ez”, which represents her initials.

    Left image is Minecraft steve with the 110813 yellow splash text above him. The right image is a woman and a man in wedding clothes holding hands.