A player feeding a fox some Sweet Berries, which causes red hearts to appear over the fox's head.

Minecraft: How to Tame a Fox

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Key Takeaway

You can’t tame a wild adult Fox. The only way to get a fully tamed Fox is to breed two wild Foxes. The baby fox that comes from this breeding will automatically trust you and will act like a tamed animal.

Unlike many other animal mobs in Minecraft, you can’t tame a Fox by just feeding it. In fact, you can’t even tame a wild Fox at all! However, the first step to getting a tamed Fox is by breeding a wild pair.

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    Where to Find Wild Foxes

    An orange fox sleeping in a snowy forest.

    You can find wild Foxes in the following biomes:

    • Grove
    • Old Growth Pine Taiga
    • Old Growth Spruce Taiga
    • Snowy Taiga
    • Taiga

    Depending on the biome you’re in, the Foxes may look different. In Old Growth Pine Taiga, Old Growth Spruce Taiga, and regular Taiga biomes, Foxes will have their signature orange fur. However, in Grove and Snowy Taiga biomes, Foxes will have a chance to possess white fur—much like real-world arctic foxes.

    Foxes will spawn in groups of 2, 3, or 4 individuals. Furthermore, there is a 5% chance for Foxes to spawn as babies. Whenever a Fox spawns, it will also have a 20% chance to appear with an item held in its mouth. Within this 20% chance, held items have different chances of appearing:

    • Emerald – 5% chance
    • Rabbit’s Foot – 10% chance
    • Rabbit Hide – 10% chance
    • Egg – 15% chance (Java Edition) or 20% chance (Bedrock Edition)
    • Feather – 20% chance (Java Edition) or 15% chance (Bedrock Edition)
    • Wheat – 20% chance
    • Leather – 20% chance

    How to Breed Foxes

    2 Foxes are nuzzling while red hearts appear above their heads.

    You can breed Foxes by using either of 2 different kinds of berries: Sweet Berries and Glow Berries. In order to successfully breed your furry friends, you’ll need to feed each Fox of your breeding pair at least 1 berry of any kind.

    Furthermore, your Foxes need to be somewhat close together. If the 2 Foxes are too far apart, they will not notice each other and won’t breed. After successfully breeding, a baby Fox will appear near one of the adults a few seconds later.

    Wild Foxes will try to flee when you approach—unless you are sneaking. In order to get close enough to feed the wild Foxes, you’ll need to be crouching so as to not scare them away.

    Breeding Orange and White Foxes

    When you breed an orange Fox with a white Fox, there is a 50% chance of the baby being either orange or white. However, there is no recessive or dominant gene mechanics like there are for some other animals. A baby Fox from different colored parents will only possess its own color data.

    For example, if an orange baby Fox had 1 orange parent and 1 white parent, it will only count as an orange Fox. If that orange Fox baby grows up and is bred with a white Fox, their baby’s color chances will still be 50% for either color.

    Where to Find Sweet Berries

    Conveniently, Sweet Berries can be found in most of the same biomes where Foxes can spawn (with the exception of Grove biomes). Sweet Berries grow on Sweet Berry Bushes, which look like shrubs with small red orbs on them.

    You can harvest Sweet Berries from these bushes with any tool or even just your hand. Every time you harvest Sweet Berries from a bush, it will give you either 1 or 2 berries.

    Additionally, you can sometimes find a few Sweet Berries in the Chests of Taiga Villages.

    Where to Find Glow Berries

    These yellow berries will be harder to find than Sweet Berries. Glow Berries only grow in Lush Caves, which are fairly rare. Within a Lush Cave, you can sometimes find Glow Berries growing on vines that hang from the ceiling or wall.

    To get Glow Berries, you’ll need to break the vine that they are growing on with any kind of tool or your hand. Doing so will give you 1 Glow Berry per vine broken.

    Furthermore, you also have a small chance to find Glow Berries in the Chests of Mineshafts and Ancient Cities.

    The Uses of a Tamed Fox

    A fox looking at the player while holding some red berries in its mouth.

    Besides having an adorable companion, a tamed Fox can also be helpful in a number of ways. The most notable feature of having a tamed Fox is that they will pick up dropped items.

    Foxes Can Be Scavenging Buddies

    For example, if you’re just walking around with your furry friend and happen to pass an item that you didn’t see, your Fox will pick it up and carry it in its mouth for a while. You can interact with a Fox with an empty hand to get the item they are holding in their mouth. Additionally, if the item is not edible, the Fox will drop it after a short duration.

    However, it’s worth mentioning that Foxes will prioritize picking up edible items over non-edible ones. Furthermore, if the item the Fox is carrying is edible, the Fox will eat said item after a little while.

    Foxes Can Help You Fight Small Mobs

    While Foxes don’t do very much damage with their attacks (only 1 Heart of damage), they have excellent accuracy. As such, they can be very helpful if you’re fighting small, fast, and hard-to-hit enemies.

    As some examples, Foxes can be really helpful if you have to take out a bunch of Silverfish or Endermites.

    On top of being great at dealing with small pests, Foxes love to hunt. They will actively seek out Chickens, Rabbits, and a few kinds of fish—if these prey animals are nearby. If you need food, be sure to go hunting with a Fox, as they can multiply your item yields!

    Adorably, when Foxes pounce while hunting on land, they will leap high into the air and come down on their prey somewhat as they do in real life. If the Fox performs this maneuver when on snowy terrain, they can potentially get their head stuck in the snow—albeit only temporarily.

    Tips for Caring for Your Tamed Fox

    A polar bear attacking and killing a fox on a green hillside.

    The only natural predators of the Fox are wild Wolves and Polar Bears. If your Fox is too close to either of these species, the predators will attack your Fox without hesitation. As such, be sure to give these big carnivores a wide berth when traveling with your tamed Fox. Foxes will try to flee from their predators, but, most of the time, they won’t be able to get away.

    Fox Item Usage

    Not only can Foxes consume edibles and hold non-edible items, but they can also use them to some degree. For this reason, be sure to keep valuable consumables away from your Fox.

    In terms of food effects, if a Fox consumes an edible item, they will gain the effect much like a player would. For example, if a Fox eats a Spider Eye, it will get poisoned for 5 seconds.

    When it comes to holding some equipable items, like an Enchanted Sword, a Fox’s attacks will gain the properties of that item. As an example, if a Fox is holding a Sword with Fire Aspect, their attacks will temporarily set the target on fire.