What Does Impaling Do in Minecraft?

Impaling is a type of enchantment in Minecraft that you can only put on a Trident. It increases the Trident’s damage against mobs in the water. However, this varies a bit between the Bedrock and Java Editions of the game.

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    How the Impaling Enchantment Works

    The player looking over the water of a lake at the end of a man-made peninsula while holding a trident.

    Each increasing level of Impaling adds more damage to each attack made with a Trident. The Impaling enchantment has 5 levels total, each giving your Trident 2.5 more damage per attack. This is the equivalent of dealing 1.25 more Hearts worth of damage to enemies.

    However, the damage boost from the Impaling enchantment only affects targets that are in the water. Furthermore, the types of mobs that are affected by the enchantment vary between the Java Edition and the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft.

    The Difference Between the Java Edition and Bedrock Edition

    In the Java Edition, only mobs that spawn and live in the water classified in-game as “Aquatic Mobs” will be affected by Impaling. It’s worth noting that the mobs that drop Tridents, the Drowned, aren’t considered Aquatic Mobs, as they’re Undead Mobs. Here’s a list of mobs that take more damage from Impaling in the Java Edition of Minecraft:

    • Cod
    • Salmon
    • Puffer Fish
    • Tropical Fish
    • Squid
    • Glow Squids
    • Turtles
    • Axolotls
    • Dolphins
    • Guardians
    • Elder Guardians

    However, in the Bedrock Edition, anything that is in contact with water of any kind will take damage from the Impaling enchantment. This includes targets that are completely underwater, in shallow water, or even standing in the rain.

    A Drowned enemy attacking the player with a trident while they are both underwater.