On the left is the death screen when a payer dies and on the right is the player next to their bed after they respawned.

How to Keep Inventory When You Die in Minecraft

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If you have important items in your inventory and don’t want to risk losing them, you can enter a cheat to keep your inventory. Upon death, the “Keep Inventory” command can prevent huge losses in Minecraft.

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    The Command for the Keep Inventory Cheat

    The text command for turning on the keep inventory cheat in the chat menu as well as the recent chat log.

    The command for activating the Keep Inventory cheat is /gamerule keepInventory true. You must enter this command into the chat window to activate the cheat that lets you keep your inventory when you die. However, you need to activate cheats from the settings menu before the game will allow you to use this cheat.

    How to Activate Cheats

    To activate cheats, go to the title screen and then enter the Settings menu. From there, under the “Game” tab, scroll down until you find the option called “Activate Cheats”. This option will be turned off by default. When you attempt to turn it on, the game will notify you that achievements will be disabled as long as this option remains on. If you’re okay with that, proceed and fully activate cheats.

    From here, you can go back into your chosen Minecraft world and use the Keep Inventory cheat as explained above. You can also use any other cheat command as well.