How to Whisper in Minecraft

There is a speech bubble in front of one player that says "Psst, hey! You wanna trade?"

To whisper to someone in Minecraft, you’ll need to use a command in chat. This command will only be visible to you, so your message will stay private. However, depending on the platform, your whispering methods will vary.

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    How to Whisper on PC Versions of Minecraft

    Typing "/tell" into the chat to begin sending a whisper to another player.

    It’s very simple to whisper to someone on PC versions of Minecraft. All you have to do is open the chat window and type “/tell” to bring up the following commands:

    • @a – all players (will send a private message to all players on the server)
    • @e – all entities (will send a private message to all entities on the server)
    • @p – closest player (will send a private message only to the closest player on the server)
    • @r – random player (will send a private message to 1 random player on the server)
    • @s – yourself (will send a private message to yourself)

    If you want to send a message to a specific person, simply follow “/tell” with the player’s username and then type out your message to them. Make sure not to use any of the @ commands if you only want to send a private message to 1 person.

    How to Whisper on Console Editions of Minecraft

    On the left, the player is sending a message privately with the "/msg" command in chat. On the right, there is a player receiving the private message.

    There are 2 commands in chat that you can use on console editions of Minecraft if you want to whisper. Firstly, open up the chat window and type “/msg” before the username of who you want to send the message to. After their username, type out what you want to say to them.

    The other way is to type “/w” into the chat window instead. However, do everything else the same as the above method to whisper. Using “/w” is quicker, due to requiring 2 fewer letters. Therefore, if you want to whisper as efficiently as possible, this is the command to use on console editions of Minecraft.