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How to Make a Cauldron in Minecraft

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Whether you want a Cauldron for function or fashion, you’ll be able to make one fairly easily in Minecraft. All you really need is a specific type of metal and a desire for a witch-like base design.

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    What You Need to Make a Cauldron

    Making a cauldron with 7 iron ingots.

    To make a Cauldron, you’ll need 7 Iron Ingots. On a Crafting Table, place Iron Ingots everywhere except the top-middle and centermost slots. And, just like that, you’ve got a nifty way to store some useful fluid resources.

    If you’re in need of some Iron Ingots, you’ll need to mine underground until you find some Iron Ore. Afterward, toss that mined Iron Ore into a Furnace to smelt it into Iron Ingots.

    Everything You Can Store in Cauldrons

    • Water
    • Lava
    • Snow
    • Potions (Bedrock Edition-only)
    • Dyed Water (Bedrock Edition-only)

    Where to Find Naturally-Generated Cauldrons

    There are a few different locations where you can find Cauldrons while exploring. Just keep in mind that you can only mine Cauldrons properly with a Pickaxe. If you break a Cauldron with anything other than a Pickaxe, it will not drop itself.

    • In the Swamp Huts owned by Witches, you can find a Cauldron (this is sometimes filled with Potions in the Bedrock Edition)
    • You can find Cauldrons partially filled with water in the basements of Igloos
    • Some rooms in Woodland Mansions will have Cauldrons in them
    • In Desert, Plains, Savanna, Taiga, Snowy Taiga, and Snowy Tundra biome Villages, Cauldrons can appear in the houses of Leatherworker Villagers (which are also their job site blocks)

    How to Use a Cauldron

    A cauldron and a brewing stand next to one another in a black and white room.

    After you place a Cauldron, you can fill it up with a few different resources. To do so, you’ll need to use Buckets and Glass Bottles. Furthermore, the way non-hostile liquids work is similar to one another.

    Using a Cauldron for Water

    You can completely fill a Cauldron with 1 Water Bucket, which you can make by using an empty Bucket on a water source block. In a similar manner, you can use 3 Water Bottles (Glass Bottles full of water) to completely fill a Cauldron. Conversely, water within a Cauldron can be transferred to an empty Bucket or some Glass Bottles to make a Water Bucket or a few Water Bottles respectively.

    Using a Cauldron for Lava

    Like with water, you can use a Bucket to transfer lava to and from Cauldrons. However, you cannot use Glass Bottles to collect lava from a Cauldron. Besides looking cool, there isn’t really a function for lava stored in a Cauldron.

    However, this mechanic can help you collect more lava if you find some source blocks and also have a Pointed Dripstone. First, find a source of lava above you that you want to tap and place a Cauldron 1 block below it. Next, place the Pointed Dripstone above the Cauldron. This will allow lava to slowly fill up the metal vessel.

    Using a Cauldron for Snow

    As the only solid that can be stored in a Cauldron, snow works a bit differently than the other fluids. You can fill a Cauldron with snow either by dumping Powder Snow Buckets into it or by placing an empty Cauldron outside while it is snowing. Powder Snow Buckets, as they sound, are empty Buckets that can be filled with Powder Snow blocks. When you use a Powder Snow Bucket on the ground, it will place a Powder Snow block.

    Using a Cauldron for Potions (Bedrock Edition-only)

    Just like with water, you can fill and empty a Cauldron with potions by using Glass Bottles. However, you cannot use an empty Bucket to collect potions in a Cauldron. The same volume ratio applies to potions as if you’re handling water. That is to say that you can store 3 Glass Bottles worth of potions in a Cauldron. If you’re an archery enthusiast, you will be interested to know that you can tip your Arrows in potions stored within a Cauldron. All you need to do is hold some regular Arrows and use them on a Cauldron full of potions.

    Using a Cauldron for Dyed Water (Bedrock Edition-Only)

    If you have a Cauldron full of water, you can add any kind of dye to it to create dyed water. In this vibrant solution, you can dunk leather items to change their color. Dyed water, when moved into a Bucket or Glass Bottle, will return to being normal water.

    Interestingly, in both the Bedrock and Java Editions of the game, you can remove the colors of dyed leather armor by using them on a Cauldron full of water. Though, this does not cause the water in the Cauldron to change color. No one knows where the color goes when you wash the dye off of armor, though, it’s theorized that it ends up in the same place as despawned mobs and cursed Minecraft skins.