A large orange cocoa pod on the side of a jungle tree.

How to Make Cookies in Minecraft

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Cookies are a pretty hard food item to come by in Minecraft, as one of its crafting ingredients is very rare. However, Cookies can be a decent food source since you make them 8 at a time. They can be sustainable by farming.

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    What You Need to Make Cookies

    Making cookies from 2 wheat and 1 cocoa bean.

    To craft a batch of 8 Cookies, you’ll need 2 Wheat and 1 Cocoa Beans. On any row of a Crafting Table, place the Wheat on the left and right slots. Afterward, put the Cocoa Beans in between the Wheat to make your Cookies.

    How to Get Wheat

    Wheat can be farmed fairly easily. To do so, plant Wheat Seeds (which are known as just “Seeds” in the Bedrock Edition) in some Farmland. If the Farmland is close to water (4 blocks away or less), the Wheat Seeds planted on it will grow into fully matured Wheat in 60 minutes of real-world time.

    You can create Farmland blocks by using a Hoe on any kind of Dirt block. It is also possible for you to find Wheat as loot in the Chests of various naturally-generated structures.

    Type of StructurePossible Amount of WheatAppearance Rate
    Dungeon1 to 434.1%
    Igloo2 to 355.3%
    Pillager Outpost3 to 572.5%
    Shipwreck8 to 2142.1%
    Underwater Ruins2 to 381% to 85%
    Woodland Mansion1 to 434.1%

    How to Get Cocoa Beans

    Cocoa Beans can primarily be found in Jungle biomes. On the trunks of some Jungle Trees, you can occasionally find a Cocoa Pod. Depending on the growth stage of the Cocoa Pod, it will look a bit different. You can tell when a Cocoa Pod is fully matured when it is large and orange. Newly grown Cocoa Pods will be small a green, while moderately matured ones will be slightly larger and yellow.

    Each fully matured Cocoa Pod you break will drop 2 or 3 Cocoa Beans. You can break a Cocoa Pod with any tool or even your hand to obtain its drops.

    There are other ways you can get Cocoa Beans that are exclusive to the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft. A Wandering Trader can sell you 3 Cocoa Beans for 1 Emerald. Additionally, you have a 0.8% chance to reel in Cocoa Beans instead of a fish while fishing in a Jungle biome.

    Where You Can Find Cookies

    Instead of making them yourself, you can potentially get Cookies from Villagers. Journeyman-level Farmer Villagers will sell you 18 Cookies for 3 Emeralds, which can be a lot preferable to tracking down a Cocoa Pod in a Jungle biome. Additionally, if you have the Hero of the Village effect active from completing a raid, Farmer Villagers may drop Cookies in your direction out of thanks (Java Edition-only).

    What You Can Do With Cookies

    A parrot standing on the grass. The player is holding a cookie in their hand.

    You can eat Cookies to restore Hunger Icons. Each Cookie that you eat will give you back 2 Hunger Icons, which is not very much, but, remember, you make Cookies 8 at a time. If you have a Cocoa Bean farm setup, you can make a ton of Cookies to keep yourself well-fed.

    Why You Should Not Feed Cookies to Parrots

    In real life, chocolate is toxic for parrots. The same is true for their in-game counterparts, as feeding a Cookie to one of these brightly feathered mobs will cause them to instantly die. Technically speaking, feeding a Minecraft Parrot a Cookie will apply the poison status effect, though, this poison acts very quickly and will decrease the mob’s HP to nothing in no time.