A beige Persian cat with blue eyes that has been tamed is walking on the grass. There are red hearts above their head.

How to Tame a Cat in Minecraft

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Taming a Cat, like with some other animals in Minecraft, will involve giving them a specific type of food. However, you’ll first have to find one. When you do, be sure to have treats for them!

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    What You Need to Tame a Cat

    A being cat sitting on the grassy ground and staring at the player with their blue eyes. There are red hearts above them, indicating that they have been recently tamed.

    You will need raw Salmon or raw Cod to tame a Cat. When you feed a Cat some Salmon or Cod, there is a chance they will become tame, though it isn’t guaranteed. If black particles appear above the Cat’s head, the taming wasn’t successful.

    The indication that taming succeeded is when your see red hearts appear above a Cat’s head. As such, it could take a few tries to tame a Cat, so be sure to bring multiple Salmon and Cod. However, taming one of these small felines isn’t as easy as simply walking up to them and handing them some fish.

    Tips for Approaching Cats

    Cats are quite shy and will run away from you when you approach them, even if you’re holding the kinds of fish they like. The best trick for getting close enough to a Cat to feed them is to stand still while you have either a raw Salmon or raw Cod in your hand.

    If you’re close enough to the Cat for them to see you holding the fish, they will slowly walk over to you. It’s best not to move at all, as even fast head movements and switching to other items will cause the Cat to flee. When they get within range, use the fish on them to attempt some taming. Failed taming does not scare away Cats, so if you have a stack of multiple Salmon or Cod, you can keep trying.

    There are some version-exclusive ways to approach cats as well. In the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft, you can sneak (crouch) and walk toward a Cat to avoid scaring them. In the Java Edition, Cats will not run from you if your game mode is set to Peaceful.

    Where to Find Cats

    The best place to find Cats is in Villages. For every 4 beds in a Village, 1 Cat will spawn. The maximum number of Cats that can spawn in a village is 10. Any additional Cats that spawn into that Village will eventually despawn.

    Black Cats can also spawn in Swamp Hut structures. Though, they’ll likely be very close to a Witch, so be wary around them. Additionally, during full moons, Cats that spawn will have a 50% chance of being black.

    Types of Cats

    There are 11 different breeds of Cat that can be found in Minecraft. Despite the variation in looks, they all act the same. The spawn rate of each type of cat is random, except for black Cats.

    • Black Cat – black fur with orange eyes
    • British Shorthair – light gray fur with yellow eyes
    • Calico – white, orange, and brown fur with yellow or blue eyes
    • Jellie – white and gray fur with dull green eyes
    • Persian – light beige fur with blue eyes
    • Ragdoll – mostly white and slightly orange fur with blue eyes
    • Red – mostly orange and slightly white fur with green eyes
    • Siamese – mostly very light brown and some dark brown fur with blue eyes
    • Tabby – mostly brown and some light brown fur with yellow eyes
    • Tuxedo – black and white fur with green eyes
    • White – white fur with light blue or yellow eyes

    What Tamed Cats Do

    The player waking up in bed to see that their cat has brought them a gift. There is a rabbit leg on the ground next to the cat. The player has also received an achievement in the top-left corner of the screen for getting a gift from their cat.

    The main reason that you would want to tame a Cat in Minecraft, besides for companionship, is that they can bring you gifts. Whenever you sleep in a Bed while near a tamed Cat, they will hop onto your Bed and snuggle up next to you.

    In the morning, there is a 70% chance that a Cat will give you 1 item. The item that a Cat can gift you varies, though there is a set group of items that can spawn this way. Each has a set percentage out of 100% of appearing within the 70% chance of a Cat giving you a gift.

    Cats will not give you any gifts if they are commanded to sit throughout the night, as they won’t be able to jump onto your Bed and rest comfortably next to you.

    What Gifts Your Tamed Cat Can Give You

    • Rabbit’s Foot – 16.13%
    • Rabbit Hide – 16.13%
    • Raw Chicken – 16.13%
    • Feather – 16.13%
    • Rotten Flesh – 16.13%
    • String – 16.13%
    • Phantom Membrane – 3.22%

    Protection From Creepers

    In addition to giving gifts, Cats will also keep Creepers and Phantoms away. If either of these mobs is chasing you, and you have a Cat nearby, the Creeper or Phantom will run away the moment it gets close enough to see the Cat. Creepers and Phantoms will always try to stay 6 blocks or more away from Cats. Therefore, letting your tamed Cat walk around with you as you’re building would be a great way to avoid getting blown up unexpectedly.