Terracotta blocks in Minecraft.

How to Make Terracotta in Minecraft

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Terracotta is one of the decorative blocks that you can use to make your Minecraft home look nicer. It is made from a fairly common resource, though in an uncommon way. You’ll need Clay and a Furnace to make Terracotta.

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    What You Need to Do to Make Terracotta

    Making clay blocks with 4 lumps of clay.

    The first step to making Terracotta is to make Clay blocks. You can make a Clay block by combining 4 lumps of Clay in any kind of crafting grid. After you make one, you will need to put the Clay block into a Furnace to cook it into Terracotta. The process is pretty quick and easy, albeit not the most intuitive. Clay usually has this reputation in Minecraft, as some players also have trouble figuring out how to make Bricks using the same material.

    How to Make Colored Terracotta

    To make colored Terracotta, you will need to use 8 uncolored Terracotta blocks and 1 dye of your chosen color. On a Crafting Table, place the dye on the middle slot and then completely surround it with Terracotta blocks. This will give you 8 blocks of colored Terracotta.

    How to Make Glazed Terracotta

    You can also make any kind of colored Terracotta into Glazed Terracotta of a similar color. To do so, simply put a block of colored Terracotta into a Furnace to cook it until it turns into a more vibrant block. These can look very unique due to their bright coloration, and, as such, would make for nice decorative blocks.

    Where to Find Naturally Generated Terracotta

    You can sometimes find both colored and uncolored Terracotta in Badlands biomes as well as in Villages, Pyramids, and Underwater Ruins. The colors of the ones in the latter 3 types of locations will be specific to them. As such, the Terracotta found in Villages will depend on their biome, but the Pyramid Terracotta will be orange and the Underwater Ruins Terracotta will be light blue.

    It’s also possible to find an Expert-level Stone Mason Villager who will sell you 1 of any kind of colored Terracotta at the cost of 1 Emerald per block.

    About Collecting and Using Terracotta

    minecraft cooking terracotta in a furnace

    Terracotta can only be collected when you mine it with a Pickaxe. If you try to break it with any other tool, or with your bare hands, it won’t drop anything after being broken. The type of Pickaxe doesn’t matter–even a Wooden Pickaxe would work just fine when harvesting Terracotta.

    Terracotta as a Building Material

    In terms of strength, Terracotta has the same durability as most other solid blocks. As such, even though it is pretty to look at, like colored Wool blocks and Stained Glass blocks, it is much stronger. Terracotta is even strong enough to protect you from a Creeper explosion, although will shatter in the process.

    In this manner, Terracotta can be used in a similar way to colored Concrete blocks. However, it should also be mentioned that Terracotta is a bit duller in color compared to other manually-colored blocks. As such, it can give any structure that it’s made from a more earthy vibe.