What Do Sheep Eat in Minecraft?

Like a few other animals in Minecraft, Sheep eat Wheat. Feeding Sheep Wheat will cause them to enter love mode, which lets them reproduce and make baby Sheep. As such, they can be farmed along with your Horses and Llamas.

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    How to Get Wheat

    You can grow Wheat from Wheat Seeds (simply called “Seeds” in the Bedrock Edition). All you have to do is till some Dirt blocks with a Hoe to create Farmland before using the seeds on these spots. After you do so, Wheat will eventually grow from the Wheat Seeds planted. You’ll need to make sure all crops are close to water (a distance of 4 blocks or less), otherwise, the Farmland will revert to Dirt and destroy your crops.

    It’s also possible for you to find Wheat in the Chests of various locations and structures. Village Chests have the highest chances of holding Wheat, so check there first. Here are the other naturally generated structures that have Wheat as loot in their Chests:

    Type of StructurePossible Amount of WheatAppearance Rate
    Dungeon1 to 434.1%
    Igloo2 to 355.3%
    Pillager Outpost3 to 572.5%
    Shipwreck8 to 2142.1%
    Underwater Ruins2 to 381% to 85%
    Woodland Mansion1 to 434.1%

    Where to Find Sheep in Minecraft

    An adult sheep and a baby sheep in a forest.

    There is a small chance for Sheep to spawn in almost any biome chunk that has an open area with just grass blocks. In such clearings, it’s possible for 2 to 3 Sheep to spawn this way. However, there are some biomes where Sheep cannot spawn. There is a consistent 5% chance for a baby Sheep to spawn instead of an adult Sheep.

    List of Biomes Where Sheep Cannot Spawn

    • Deserts
    • Frozen Peaks
    • Ice Spikes
    • Jagged Peaks
    • Snowy Plains
    • Snowy Slopes
    • Stony Peaks
    • Wooded Badlands

    You can also potentially find Sheep in Villages. It’s possible for 2 Sheep to spawn at Shepherd Houses, Butcher Houses, and in animals pens.

    Types of Sheep You Can Find

    Arguably one of the most diverse types of fauna in Minecraft, Sheep can spawn in 1 of 6 different varieties. Each of these varieties is a different color, and their appearance rates are also different. Here is every kind of adult Sheep that can spawn naturally in-game, which accounts for 95% of Sheep spawns:

    • White Sheep – 77.7442%
    • Light Grey Sheep – 4.75%
    • Grey Sheep –  4.75%
    • Black Sheep – 4.75%
    • Brown Sheep – 2.85%
    • Pink Sheep – 0.1558%

    And here’s a breakdown of the spawning rates of the differently colored baby Sheep, which account for 5% of Sheep spawns:

    • White Baby Sheep – 4.0918%
    • Light Grey Baby Sheep – 0.25%
    • Grey Baby Sheep – 0.25%
    • Black Baby Sheep – 0.25%
    • Brown Baby Sheep – 0.15%
    • Pink Baby Sheep – 0.0082%
    An adult white sheep looking at the player with red hearts above their head.