Top image is a stretched out Steve skin, the bottom-left image are cube watermelons from Japan, and the bottom-right image is Patrick from Spongebob Squarepants with a Crafting Table for a head.

The 15 Best Minecraft Memes

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There is humor to be found in everything—and Minecraft is no exception. While you’re mining and crafting, you’ll likely encounter many hilarious situations and have comical realizations. As such, the internet has inevitably captured tons of these vibes.

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    Infinite Cobblestone

    An image of a simple cobblestone generator using water and lava with text overtop refuting that "nothing is infinite".

    In reality, everything is finite—according to physics. However, this is not the case in the realm of video games. Minecraft allows players to set up generators that can produce an unlimited supply of blocks.

    Furthermore, it’s actually really easy to do so for some blocks! Cobblestone is so easy to make with water and lava that players will make a ton of this stuff by accident while they try to make Obsidian.

    Mom, Can We Get an Iron Golem?

    An armor stand with iron boots, iron leggings, and iron chestplate, and a carved pumpkin. There is text implying that a child is asking to get an iron golem and the mother is replying with that fact that they already have an iron golem, though the iron golem the mother is mentioning is actually just the armor stand.

    It’s like when you ask for a Nintendo Switch for Christmas, but your mom says that you already have a “Nintendo” at home before she points to your Wii U.

    Iron Golems are great for defending your base, although, they cost a lot of Iron Ingots to make (plus a Carved Pumpkin or Jack o’ Lantern).

    An Armor Stand equipped with iron armor and an altered Pumpkin may be great for spooking other players, however, they don’t come alive. As such, they will be useless against mobs. Sometimes, parents just don’t understand.

    You’re Welcome and Thanks for the Discounts

    Altered screenshot from The Office placing a villager head over one character and a Steve head over the other. The text in the image is the villager thanking the player (Steve) for saving the village from a raid, but also mentions Steve's inner thoughts about how he started the raid in the first place.

    There are plenty of benefits to getting the Hero of the Village buff. However, to get it, you’ll need to begin a raid—which involves you needing to enter a Village with the Bad Omen effect being active.

    While this can be very dangerous (especially for the helpless Villagers), it’s far less so for well-prepared players. Therefore, purposely starting a raid can be very lucrative…for you.

    Just don’t tell the Villagers about that last bit.

    Close Enough

    Left image showing a fancy castle and the right image showing a half-built house in Minecraft.

    There are tons of videos and images on the internet of impressive Minecraft structures. However, such feats of architecture are time-consuming and resource-intensive. As a result, most players revert to building a wooden box for a base and calling it a day.

    Even making something as simple as a circle or sphere can be tricky! But don’t feel bad if your base is basic—function always prevails over fashion in Minecraft. As long as you’re safe from mobs, even a Dirt block hut can be a great home.

    Minecarts Are Mob Magnets

    A 4-panel comic showing a Creeper stealing a player's Minecart.

    Minecarts can act a bit like a sinkhole for mobs: they can get in them, but they can’t get out on their own. As such, you should never leave a Minecart in the open if there’s a Creeper around.

    That is unless you don’t mind said Creeper taking your Minecart for a joyride and ending up in your favorite digging area.

    Lava is the Biggest Killjoy

    A pie chart showing the 3 main reasons people stop playing Minecraft with the majority of the pie taken up by "I fell in lava and lost all my stuff".

    Losing progress of any kind in a video game feels bad. However, losing progress and all of your stuff at once is way worse. As such, lava is a Minecraft player’s worst enemy.

    Not only can it kill you fairly easily, but it can also be hard to see coming when mining. This results in many unsuspecting players getting themselves—and their best gear—incinerated. Maybe now’s a good time to turn on the “Keep Inventory” option.

    But I Just Need One…

    Text showing a player wants to make 1 door, but the image below is a manipulated image of a crafting table on Patrick from Spongebob Squarepants stating that the player can only make a minimum of 3 doors at a time.

    There are some strange crafting results in Minecraft. At the top of these is the fact that you can only make 3 Wooden Doors that a time. Not 1, not 2, but only 3 or more. If it was 2 doors, it would make sense, since you can just make double doors for your entrance. But 3? That’s just an odd number for this crafting recipe.

    Iron Golems Don’t Mess Around

    Text implying that a player accidentally hit an Iron Golem and the image below portraying the Iron Golem's reaction. The image shows a scene from The Lord of the Rings where Saruman says "so you have chosen death".

    Despite there being many hostile mobs in Minecraft, there is a powerful neutral one that’s arguably more dangerous. If you hit an Iron Golem—even accidentally—they will be very unforgiving.

    As such, you’ll likely receive metallic uppercuts until you die. With Iron Golems having a ton of HP and high attack power, you don’t really stand a chance unless you’ve got the best gear in the game.

    For this reason, you should always be very careful when mining in a Village, as one misclick can lead to death by an angry golem.

    Why Not Both?

    Text showing the phrase" be there or be square" and below it is an image of a stretched-out Minecraft player skin.

    Popular phrases can take on a whole new meaning in Minecraft. Furthermore, being a “square” has never been the same since the game’s release in 2011. Especially since the game allows you to be multiple squares at once.

    Not as Safe as You Think…

    Villagers huddled being a free-standing door at night thinking that they are safe when they are actually very exposed to threats.

    Villager AI leaves a lot to be desired I’m many cases. For example, they’ll think that they are safe at night when behind a closed door…even if that door is in the middle of a field.

    Thankfully, if they have a Cat nearby, they’ll at least be safe from Creepers, but not much else. May the morning come swiftly for you, silly Villagers.

    Stupid Diamonds, I Need Iron!

    A screenshot from Spongebob Squarepants altered to show Patrick holding a Stone Pickaxe while surrounded by Diamonds.

    To mine Diamonds, you’ll need an Iron Pickaxe or better. Therefore, if you somehow stumble across Diamond Ore blocks too early, you’re in for some disappointment.

    Be sure not to mine Diamond Ore blocks with a Wooden or Stone Pickaxe, as that will destroy them without dropping any Diamonds. Such an act would be a waste of perfectly good resources.

    What Was That Noise?!

    Text and images showing the type of music when fighting for your life (calm piano tunes) versus mining peacefully in a cave (creepy shadow people).

    Music and ambient sounds are an important part of all games, however, Minecraft sometimes gets its wires a bit crossed. You’ll find that when you’re out fighting mobs the music can be oddly calm despite the epic battle occurring.

    However, conversely, you’ll also find that the creepiest sounds can come out of literally nowhere while you’re just minding your own business while mining underground. Why is this a thing? Probably because Minecraft doesn’t want you becoming complacent. Nowhere is safe.

    That’s All? What a Ripoff!

    An image of a massive real-world emerald over top an image of an image of Thanos from the Marvel universe with a Villager head offering 3 raw fish in trade for the big emerald.

    Despite being able to find some decent trade deals with some Villagers, most will try to straight-up rip you off. Emeralds are a pretty rare resource, so exchanging them for anything less than a great deal is a waste.

    But Villagers don’t care. They just want, want, want! Don’t give in to their scumbag deals. Instead, seek out the better trades for your precious Emeralds.

    Is This Real Life?

    An image of cubic watermelons being packaged in Japan with text below stating that Japan and Minecraft are linked.

    Sometimes, video games imitate real-life…while real-life imitates video games. What initially seems like an altered image is a real photo from Japan where workers are processing actual cubic watermelons.

    Furthermore, this isn’t a recent thing! Cubic watermelons were invented in 1978 by a Japanese graphic designer named Tomoyuki Ono. However, the reason for their invention is identical to the reason why everything is made of cubes in Minecraft: they make things easier to stack.

    There’s No Such Thing as “Too Much Minecraft

    Text mentioning that a player's mom is telling them that they play too much Minecraft and the image below is an image of Tom from Tom and Jerry in the shape of a large rectangle with a face.

    There are times when others will judge you for your hobbies or your choice of games. However, you should never let that stop you from playing what you want, and for as long as you want.

    As you get older, fewer and fewer things will bring you the same level of joy as when you were a kid. As such, you should hold onto the things that make you happy—especially if they are as readily accessible and harmless as a video game.

    If you stick with your favorite games, you’ll change and grow while being able to see them from a different perspective. This can add a new layer of joy to an old love. As such, after years of playing Minecraft, you won’t ever be the same.