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Minecraft Walkthrough and Guides

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VGKAMI’s Minecraft walkthrough guide features many of the most helpful tutorials and frequently asked questions about the game. Whether you’re new to the game or are a veteran, you’ll find many useful walkthroughs, tips, and tricks here.

Table Of Contents

    Mechanics and Status Effects

    If you’re wondering what some mechanics and status effects in Minecraft do, then take a look at some of the articles below. They’ll fill you in on the nature of many mechanics as well as how they affect gameplay. You’ll also get some tips about how to use them to your advantage.


    Biomes in Minecraft are a region with unique geographical elements. Learn about each type of Biome.

    Tool Crafting

    Tools in Minecraft are items that you can equip to your hotbar and use while they are in your hand. Within these articles, you’ll learn how to make, find, and use the following tools.

    Interactive Block Crafting

    Interactive blocks are special blocks that you can craft. In most cases, you’ll need to place these blocks and then interact with them. The articles below will help you learn how to make and find these special blocks and structures as well as tell you what they are used for.

    Furniture Crafting

    In this case, furniture means mostly decorative items. These are items you can make and interact with, but not for any major functions—they’re there to make your house look nicer. Below, you’ll find tutorials on how to make many of the most common bits of furniture as well as some more complex ones that don’t have crafting recipes.

    Animal Taming and Breeding

    There is a ton of wildlife in Minecraft. In order to tame and breed many animals, you’ll need to feed them specific types of food. These articles are all about how to befriend and breed animals.

    Farming and Food Information

    You’ll need food to stay alive in Minecraft. Here’s the lowdown on how to farm many crops and make tons of delicious food.

    Resource Gathering

    There are some resources that are harder to get than others. Below, you’ll learn how to find or make such goods. Furthermore, you’ll get some exploration tips.

    Construction Tips

    If you need some help getting some items that don’t have crafting recipes, check out the following articles. In addition to telling you how to make what you need, you’ll get some tips about building more complex structures.

    Potion Crafting

    Making potions requires a lot of steps and rare resources. Below, you’ll learn how to make some of the most useful potions efficiently.

    Dye Tutorials

    While some dyes are easy to make, others require multiple steps to be crafted. These articles will teach you how to make some of the more complex colors in the game.

    Enchanting Tutorials

    With so many enchantments in the game, it can be easy to forget what they do or get some mixed up. Below, you can find out how to get many enchantments as well as how to use them and learn what they actually do.

    Minecraft Advancement Guides

    Looking to get the hardest advancements in the game? Then take a look at the articles listed in this section. Here, you’ll find detailed walkthroughs on how to achieve your desired advancement.

    Fun Facts About Minecraft

    Over the years since its release, Minecraft has not only piqued interest through its awesome gameplay but has also raised many questions. Below, you’ll learn the answers to many questions that have (or haven’t) popped into your brain.