Minecraft: What Does an Allay Do?

In Minecraft, an Allay can do a few useful things. Its most significant function is to help you gather resources. Although, an Allay can only gather one type of item at a time—and only if close to a player.

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    How to Find an Allay

    An Allay trapped in the wooden prison of an outpost.

    The only place where Allays can spawn is in the prison cells of Pillager Outposts and Woodland Mansions. One to three of them can spawn in a single cell.

    After you free the little blue sprites from their wooden cages, you don’t need to tame them or gain their favor in any way. They’re already willing to help you from the moment you release them from their confinement.

    How an Allay Gathers Resources

    An Allay holding an Apple.

    At first, your new friend will simply wander around aimlessly. That is until you give it an item. After you do so, it will fly off to try and find more of the item you gave it.

    It cannot break blocks by itself, so the fairy-like creature will only seek out dropped versions of whatever item you gave it. If you take the item back from the Allay, it will return to its aimless wandering.

    If it finds more of the item you gave it, it will return to you and give you said items. The search range is 32 blocks from your location. Thankfully, your blue buddy can follow you up to 64 blocks away. Since it can also fly, it won’t have any issues traversing tough terrain.

    An Allay can only hold one type of item at a time, although, it can carry a full stack of the given item. As such, this helpful mob can be very handy for gathering common resources that exist in their dropped form (such as Apples, Eggs, or hostile mob drops from defeated foes).

    How to Get an Allay to Duplicate Itself

    A player holding an Amethyst Shard while looking at an Allay near a Jukebox.

    Unlike animal mobs, you cannot breed Allays. However, instead, you can duplicate them. To do so, you’ll need a Jukebox and a Music Disc. To make a Jukebox, you’ll need to place a Diamond on the middle slot of a Crafting Table and then surround it with eight Wooden Planks of any kind.

    When you place the Jukebox and insert a Music Disc into it, nearby Allays will dance occasionally. While dancing, if you use an Amethyst Shard on it, another Allay will spawn amidst a puff of red heart particles (the same kind that comes from animal mobs who have entered love mode).

    Similar to mating animals, this magical mob cannot create more of its kind for five minutes after doing so once. The same is true for the new Allay that split from the original.

    Behavior in Combat

    Two mobs next to each other in a grassy area.

    Allays cannot fight. As such, you should keep them away from hostile mobs as much as possible. When an Allay gets damaged, it will frantically fly around for a few seconds. If it dies, it will drop nothing except the item you gave it.

    Since Allays have 10 Hearts, they can take a bit of punishment before dying. However, you cannot heal them by feeding them like with many other friendly mobs. Thankfully, you can’t directly hurt an Allay yourself—accidentally or otherwise.

    Items That Cannot Be Gathered

    A flying blue mob on a Lead.

    You can get an Allay to help you gather nearly any kind of resource. However, there are a couple that it cannot help you find. These two items are a Lead and a Name Tag.

    This is due to such items getting used on the Allay instead of being given to it. The use of Leads and Name Tags on this magical mob works the same as they do for other mobs.

    An Allay in Minecraft.