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VGKAMI’s Elden Ring hub covers walkthroughs of the game’s various areas, sub-areas, and legacy dungeons. We’ll also discuss how to defeat some of the toughest bosses in the game, as well as where to obtain certain items.

Table Of Contents

    General Elden Ring Tips, Mechanics, and FAQs

    These are general information, mechanics, tips, and FAQs you must know before diving into Elden Ring. Being knowledgeable of these things won’t only make you better at dealing with the challenges presented in the game, but they will also make you enjoy the game more.

    Elden Ring Walkthroughs and Guides

    Here are walkthroughs and guides of the game’s various levels, questlines, and bosses.

    Elden Ring Location Walkthroughs

    The world of Elden Ring is vast. You’ll come across a wide array of areas, caves, tunnels, and legacy dungeons. Some of them are necessary for progression, some are not. Either way, those that aren’t integral for progression hold items and other things that can make you stronger in the game.

    Elden Ring Enemies and Bosses Guides

    Being a FromSoft Souls game, Elden Ring has no shortage of tough enemies. Enemies from regular ones to bosses are more than capable of depleting your HP if you’re not careful.

    Elden Ring Questline Guides

    Elden Ring questlines don’t only provide amazing stories, they can also give powerful and useful rewards. Be sure to take the time to complete a questline as soon as you begin them.

    Elden Ring Endings Guide

    Elden Ring presents its players with multiple endings. These endings, however, require necessary steps before they can be accessed. Once done with the game, there are also a lot more things that you can do in the game before putting your controller down.

    Elden Ring Item Guides

    To help you deal with the adversities of Elden Ring, you are provided with an abundance of items, weapons, and spells, among many others.

    Consumables and Tools Guide

    Consumables and Tools are items you can use freely whether you’re in or outside of combat. They can be used much more easily if you slot them on your Quick Item menu or on your pouch.

    Spirit Ashes Guide

    Spirit Ashes are awesome companions you can summon during boss fights or while going through certain areas. These Spirit Ashes are effective at dealing with hordes of enemies and even the game’s toughest bosses.

    Crafting Guide

    There are a ton of items that you can craft in Elden Ring. Before these items can be crafted, you’ll need cookbooks and the necessary crafting materials.

    Bolstering Materials Guide

    Bolstering Materials are items you’ll need to make your character more effective and powerful in Elden Ring. These are used to strengthen weapons, flasks, and Spirit Ashes.

    Key Items Guide

    Key Items are either integral to the story, progression, or items you’ll need to unlock a certain in-game mechanic. Some of these also make said mechanics more proficient.

    Ashes of War Guide

    Ashes of War are skills that you can imbue on weapons. They give you powerful special attacks which you’ll surely need to deal with the game’s various enemies.

    Talisman Guide

    Talismans are items you can equip to give your character certain buffs and other bonuses. These are as integral to builds as weapons and armor sets.

    Weapons Guide

    Your weapon is your best tool when it comes to a game like Elden Ring. Thankfully, the game has a wide array of weapons for you to choose from. Whether you prefer a Strength build that wields heavy, strong-hitting weapons or a Dexterity build that wields fast blades, the game has a weapon for you to wield.

    Spells Guide

    For those who find the game’s melee attacks to be insufficient in dealing with the game’s enemies, Elden Ring also has a handful of spells you can use. The sorceries and incantations in the game aren’t only flashy, but some of them are outright overpowered.

    Armor Pieces Guide

    While you can definitely beat Elden Ring unadored by armor, why would you do that when you can use the game’s awesome selection of armor sets? The armor sets and pieces in Elden Ring will provide you with a much-needed boost and buffs, plus a lot of them also look pleasantly stylish.